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Huang Jingyu fans will be the hot spot qinbixin touched the Sina entertainment news November 5th, Yu you · 2016 Huang Jingyu Asia fan meeting tour NanJing Railway Station in a round of applause and dismay in the perfect ending. As the first Asian tour NanJing Railway Station station concern, scene lighting and stage design power fans friends took part in an exclusive "dating and love". A number of countries from fans and friends have order came to the scene, the idol of Huang Jingyu shouting support, lively jubilant atmosphere. Huang Jingyu popular scene screaming before the opening of a section of VCR for everyone to talk about the beginning of the day from the beginning of the life of Huang Jingyu, triggering screaming constantly. Then, Huang Jingyu with a "Rainbow" kicked off last night fans, with his unique magnetic voice sounded, the audience fans immediately quiet down, blue ocean incarnation of sticks, swinging together with the melody. The next part of the game fans welfare, but also to fans will climax. In your gestures I guess "link, Huang Jingyu fans and partner, sometimes desperate at the stage and close contact, the idiom" dead ", his personal demonstration of humor idol caused the fans friend waves of screaming. The scene is lively and lively. Huang Jingyu has been popular since his debut, fans like his many reasons, one because he has been particularly fond of their fans. Often meet fans, Huang Jingyu will tell you to be careful, pay attention to safety, do not worry, he will wait for you". Such a boyfriend bursting with loved idol fans can not be love? Huang Jingyu to the fans from the audience moved to tears Biao Huang Jingyu every day will receive a large number of fans to his letters, and he one treasure, empty will read. Yesterday VCR, discloses a part of the contents of the letter, see your letter from his letters appear on the big screen, fans moved. Huang Jingyu is to bring you a letter from his letter, tells the story of his journey since the debut. At the end of the letter, he said emotionally to the fans: if you accompany me to the last is you, all the way rain also does not matter. If you accompany me to the last is not you, we will not forget me. It doesn’t matter if you come back in the end." Tears of instant stamp, fans collective whirlwind tears, and Huang Jingyu on the stage think along the way is rough, lovely fans and friends never abandon way to accompany red eyes. Finally, in a piece of dismay and retention, fans will meet the full success of the painting. (commissioning editor: Ianto)相关的主题文章:

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