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In the 4 provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection to fight Hunan India "Confessions" to Beijing officials – and 18 patrol units rectification of the State Planning Commission released from Shandong illegal vaccine lessons yesterday, the Commission’s official website announced a further 18 patrol units to patrol the rectification, plus the cloth 5, 36 by there are 13 unpublished patrol units. At the end of February this year to the end of April, the eighteen session of the ninth round of visits to the central 32 units to carry out special inspections of Party organization, at the same time, Liaoning Anhui, Shandong, Hunan and other 4 provinces to look back". Shandong province "baibazi" self investigation led to the individual local baibazi, some leading cadres to engage in a small circle, the whole city was renamed, to grasp the centralized rectification, carry out a comprehensive self-examination and commitment to the leading cadres set aside to conduct the investigation, there was related to the party members and cadres, have been made seriously. Anhui province Jiuzhuo office "67 people to carry out special rectification, Jiuzhuo office" handled "typical problems Jiuzhuo office" since 20, handling 67 people, public notification 8 typical cases. Development of the province’s official activities to prohibit drinking regulations, clear provincial official activities (except for foreign affairs, investment and other activities) are not allowed to drink. Hunan province "Confessions" issued at all levels of leadership for the leading cadres of the relatives of the children to do business, the whole renamed on 21, hall (bureau) level leading cadres according to the requirements of correcting the related problems. The provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection informed the party and eighteen since the 10 provincial cadres use of authority or position influence to seek benefits for the relatives and business activities of the case, and these cases are compiled into "Confessions" issued the leading cadres at all levels. National Health Planning Commission to learn from the lessons of the Shandong illegal vaccine vaccination management services to strengthen the deep absorption of the illegal operation of Shandong, Ji’nan vaccine series of lessons learned, strengthen industry regulation. Guide all localities to further do a good job in the procurement and supply of vaccines and vaccination work, to strengthen the control of disease control institutions at all levels and vaccination unit management and guidance. The food and drug administration to accept violations rectification process administration sponsored by pharmaceutical companies have long occupied the transfer to the 6 Audi car problem of subordinate enterprises, 6 Audi cars have all been sealed. Deal with the problem of illegal bidding in 2 affiliated units. The subordinate units illegal payment of allowances and subsidies, illegal acceptance of pharmaceutical companies huge sponsorship, the unit has put forward rectification opinions on some issues, stop hair does not comply with relevant provisions of the state subsidy project, leadership team members have returned since January 2013 received illegal subsidies and allowances and exceed the standard reimbursement fee of communication. Administration of traditional Chinese medicine comprehensive clean-up delay retirement strict implementation of cadre retirement system, organs and units directly under the delay retirement or retired cadres is still in question to conduct a comprehensive clean-up inspection bureau, civil servants to age in time for retirement procedures, leading to sub class units directly under the old cadres have been retired. At the same time, urged the Chinese Academy of traditional Chinese medicine on the implementation of the cadre retirement system does not regulate the issue of rectification. AQSIQ more than 300 people were dealt with violations相关的主题文章:

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