Innovative Double Method Gas Transmission Rate Gtr

Business Gas transmission rate (GTR) testing has been widely applied in the product safety, shelf-life evaluation and other indexes in the food, electronics, medical and pharmaceutical industries, etc. With profound researches and years of experiences in the gas permeability testing, Labthink DM2/330 Differential and Equal Pressure Methods Gas Permeability Tester has been developed after more than one years repeated experiments and demonstration. This tester is the first double method gas permeability testing instrument in the world that can realize equal pressure method and differential pressure method in one tester. High polymer permeability testing can be divided into equal pressure method, with identical pressure at both of two sides of the specimen and differential pressure method, with pressure difference between the two sides of the specimen. Owing to the differences of testing principles, the realization of equal pressure method and differential pressure method in one unit is quite difficult. If the users need to make comparisons between the testing results from those two different testing methods, they have to purchase testing instruments of the two methods, which would definitely increase costs. The advent of Labthink DM2/330 Differential and Equal Pressure Methods Gas Permeability Tester solves the long-existing problem that one tester cannot realize different testing principles. The outstanding advantages of this tester are as follows: Patent design; one tester can realize equal pressure method, differential pressure method and double method. Once the specimen is clamped, the testing data of equal pressure method and differential pressure method are obtainable, so that it facilitates the choice from different methods and avoids the influence on the testing results when the same specimen is transferred among the testers. Thus, the testing accuracy is improved, and the costs of instrument purchase are greatly reduced. This tester is powerful and efficient. The peculiar Data-Curve-Fitting function of Labthink is installed in the differential pressure testing for the analysis of barrier property under abnormal temperatures. In equal pressure testing, besides testing of films, hollow packages are testable. Meanwhile, the three chamber design of this instrument can achieve six testing data of three specimens under equal pressure method and differential pressure method with high efficiency. Moreover, this tester inherits the merits of Labthink products, that is, high accuracy, high repeatability and high automation as well as simple operation. The valves, pipe fittings and sensors of the tester are choice imported components that guarantee the sealing performance and sensitivity of the whole testing system. Besides, the imported ergonomic operation components and creative clamping structure makes the clamping more comfortable, convenient and reliable. About Labthink: Labthink, the excellent provider of testing instruments and testing services, is devoted to provide most excellent and complete quality control solutions for pharmaceutical, foodstuff, cosmetics, packaging, printing, adhesive, automotive, petrochemistry, environment, biology, new energy, construction, aviation and electronic industries worldwide. Labthink Instruments Co., Ltd. Mark Won [email protected] Tel: +86 (0)531 85864214-8058 Fax: +86 (0)531 85812140 About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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