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Is a big octopus terrorist "kiss"   man fishing; swelling 40 days healed — Fujian thumb Channel – original title: man is a big octopus fishing terrorist "kiss" thumb swelling 40 days not Xike Mr. Lin recently irritated, he yesterday turned Herald: 40 days ago, he and his friends go the sea fishing, accidentally Octopus "kiss", can not think of, more than a month, the wound is still swelling and pain, and the bites also appear black skin necrosis! Hand fishing Octopus was originally only wanted to suck and friends go to the beach fishing, fishermen experience a return to the fun. Unexpectedly, for the first time in his life, the fisherman was caught by the octopus. A month ago, Mr. Lin and friends open boats, in the golden sea fishing near the international sea. Mr. Lin said: "suddenly see a delicious Octopus swim in the sea, and then excitedly put his hand in, ready to fish up, take a photo with him, a friend circle." "Wow! Wow!" Mr. Lin with a scream, only about 2 pounds heavier big octopus to the suddenness of a thunderbolt, opened its small sucker, right thumb joints firmly hold Mr. Lin. Mr. Lin has the experience to know, if hard to break, the octopus would be more wrapped tight, so he decisively with the teeth the octopus claws snapped, breathed. But Lin described: "at that time, the pain of fire, Venus."! It’s a few times more painful than an injection or a bee sting. Instantly felt the whole hand numb, without any perception!" Even worse, the bitten thumb immediately became black, bleeding and swollen! 40 days later, the wound was still sore and could not be delayed. Mr. Lin and his friends immediately went to the hospital to break the cold and disinfect. The first three days after being bitten, Lin said with a lingering fear: "very painful, every day to rely on painkillers to sleep."." Now, Mr. Lin is puzzled, it has been the past 40 days, the wound is still swelling and pain, do not dare to touch the water, for fear of infection. This little octopus has so much power. Mr. Lin hopes the experienced doctor can give him a good suggestion and treatment plan, so that his thumb will recover soon. Department of Dermatology deputy director of the hospital, said, Lin now the wound should be chronic inflammation, or need to go to the hospital for debridement and dressing change. For some fishermen working on the sea, or accidentally bitten by octopus, the conditional can first use hydrogen peroxide cleaning treatment, and then go to hospital for treatment. Do not underestimate the small octopus wound, although under normal circumstances, the market is bought non ornamental octopus, basically non-toxic, but if encountered like a bright blue ring octopus, its toxic effect is similar to the mixture of snake venoms. When people mistakenly bite, the local may appear discomfort symptoms, such as swelling, heat pain, etc.. Severe cases may have dizziness, vertigo, nausea, if handled improperly, can cause skin necrosis, and even the possibility of amputation. (reporter Lin Shaorong) (commissioning editor Chen Chuchu and Wu Zhou) 男子捕鱼时被大章鱼恐怖一“吻” 拇指肿胀40天未愈–福建频道–人民网 原标题:男子捕鱼时被大章鱼恐怖一“吻” 拇指肿胀40天未愈   西柯的林先生最近有点烦,他昨日求助导报:40天前,他和朋友去海边捕鱼,不小心被章鱼“吻”了,可没想到,一个多月了,伤口仍然肿胀疼痛,并且被咬的伤口还出现皮肤变黑坏死!   手捞大章鱼却被吸住   原本只想和朋友一起去海边捕鱼,体验一回当渔民的乐趣。没想到,这平生第一回当“渔夫”竟被章鱼“看上”了。一个多月前,林先生和朋友开着渔船,在金都海尚国际附近的海域捕鱼。林先生说:“突然看到海里游来一只很鲜美的章鱼,于是就兴奋地把手伸进去,准备捞起来,好好跟它拍一张合影晒朋友圈。”“哇!哇!”随着林先生一阵尖叫,一只约2斤重的大章鱼以迅雷不及掩耳之势,张开它的小吸盘,牢牢地吸住林先生的右手大拇指关节处。   颇有经验的林先生知道,如果使劲去掰,章鱼只会越缠越紧,于是他果断地用牙齿将章鱼的爪子咬断,终于松了。但林先生形容:“当时疼得火冒金星!比打针、被蜜蜂叮还要痛几十倍。瞬间就感觉整个手都麻了,没有任何的知觉!”更为可怕的是,被咬的大拇指随即变黑、流血、肿胀起来!   40天了,伤口依然肿痛   容不得耽误,林先生和朋友马上前往医院打破伤风,并进行消毒。被咬后的前三天时间里,林先生心有余悸地说:“非常疼,每天都要靠吃止痛药才能入睡。”眼下,令林先生感到不解的是,已经过去40天了,伤口依然肿痛,也不敢碰水,生怕感染。   这小小章鱼,竟然有如此大的威力。林先生希望有经验的医生能给他一个好的建议和治疗方案,让他的拇指早日康复。   中医院皮肤科江渊副主任表示,林先生现在的伤口应该是慢性炎症,还是需要到医院进行清创换药。对于一些在海上作业的渔民,或是不小心被章鱼误咬时,有条件者可先用双氧水清洗处理,然后再前往医院救治。可别小看这小小章鱼伤口,虽说正常情况下,市面上买到的都是非观赏性章鱼,基本是无毒的,但如果碰到像颜色鲜艳的蓝环章鱼,其毒素作用跟混合毒类蛇毒类似。当人遭其误咬时局部有可能会出现不适症状,像红肿、热痛等。严重者可能会有头晕、眼花、恶心等,如果处理不当,会引起皮肤坏死,甚至有截肢的可能性。(导报记者 林少蓉) (责编:陈楚楚、吴舟)相关的主题文章:

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