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Junjie Mao shoulders with beautiful figure   join the game company into a star shareholders – Fashion – people.com.cn "Pan entertainment" three words have attracted much attention recently in the gaming industry, more and more game companies began to choose the road of development of Pan entertainment. The day before, in the "Mi month biography" in shaping the success of the "Princess" Meng won the popular actress Junjie Mao appeared in Shanghai, attended by a famous domestic gaming company annual meeting. The event, Junjie Mao dressed in a twilight incense shoulder dress Qiangjing, display "Princess" proud figure. The organizers said, this is not to attend the Mao Junjie actor, but the debut of this event to the game’s star shareholder. This is the first time Junjie Mao joined the game, challenging the boss try to become the entertainment business, and a value of both Yan and business minded actress. As the hottest actor, "Princess Mao Junjie has been" actress "" actress "polyxeny development star representative. This year, in a corner of Junjie Mao "with" Mi month biography "Princess", received wide national favorability, in the entertainment business is Everything is going smoothly. The producer and starred in the TV series featuring "fireworks" launch, is to win the reputation and ratings "win-win". In addition, Junjie Mao also actively cross-border television investment, production, and Fashion Star Games, avatar star boss shares a number of companies, the rational mind under the beautiful appearance of the amazing. Although the "successful identity Princess" has become increasingly diversified, but the active site of Junjie Mao is low-key, introverted, talk about the game to join the company, she modestly said he had just arrived, you need a lot of support senior game industry "," today is very pleased with the identity of the shareholders attending the game annual meeting. Here, I send new year blessings to every game colleagues, I wish you a happy new year! Wish you a bumper harvest in 2016, make more fun games!" 毛俊杰香肩微露秀身材 加盟游戏公司成明星股东–时尚–人民网 “泛娱乐”三字最近在游戏行业引起了多方关注,越来越多的游戏公司开始选择了泛娱乐的发展道路。日前,在《芈月传》中成功塑造了“大公主”孟嬴的当红女星毛俊杰现身上海,出席国内某著名一线游戏公司年会。活动现场,毛俊杰以一袭微露香肩的连衣裙抢镜,尽展“大公主”的傲人身材。主办方透露,毛俊杰此次并非以演员身份出席,而是以游戏公司的明星股东身份亮相本次活动。此次加盟该游戏公司也是毛俊杰首次挑战老板试水商业,成为娱乐圈又一兼具颜值与商业头脑的当红女星。 作为时下炙手可热的当红演员,“大公主”毛俊杰一直是“演而优则制”“演而优则商”多栖发展的女星代表。今年,毛俊杰凭借《芈月传》中“大公主”一角,广收国民好感度,在演艺事业上可谓一帆风顺。而其担纲制作人并主演的电视剧《花火》开播,更是赢得口碑与收视“双赢”。此外,毛俊杰还积极跨界影视投资、制作、明星时尚及游戏领域,化身“明星老板”入股多家公司,其美丽外表下的理性头脑让人惊叹。 虽然“大公主”的成功身份日趋多元化,但活动现场的毛俊杰却低调、内敛,谈及此次加盟游戏公司时,她谦虚地表示自己“初来乍到,还需各位游戏界的前辈多多支持”,“今天非常高兴能以股东的身份出席游戏年会。在此,我向在场的各位游戏同仁们送上新年的祝福,祝大家新年快乐!也祝大家在2016 年获得大丰收,做出更多好玩儿的游戏!”相关的主题文章:

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