Lazy Guru = Lousy

Book-Marketing I don’t know, lazy gurus; have I got it wrong or have most of those marketers who make their money from marketing to internet marketers – as it were – bared their collective souls and suddenly admitted that they’re really just a bunch of totally idle, useless, wastes of space? Has internet marketing really reduced itself to asking newcomers to believe that idleness is a virtue and that money grows on trees? A case in point from just this last week. A guy who I’ve actually got a lot of time for sent out one of the usual pieces of breathless guru spam about his latest offering. At the very top of the sales letter was the most-used picture of him with his smiling wife and child. Right alongside that was a description of how he was so "shockingly lazy" that he had played a character in a video game for over 104 days in the last few years! I must admit to my jaw dropping somewhat as I was putting the elements together in my mind – lovely wife and child; vast part of life spent playing mindless video game. And this was a sales letter! What was I being told here? Make enough money and your wife won’t mind being ignored? Playing video games for days on end makes you a good marketer? Trust me because I’m an idle geek? I was confused. Which seems to be the case with too much internet marketing related output nowadays. Slap it up and get it out because the IM junkies will bite. They always do. It’s become a sad fact that internet marketing junkies are the easiest market to sell to in the world. Which comes as a real shock to most of them when they then have to go and sell to real people in real markets, because that’s actually hard work, just like a j-o-b, and the lazy guru approach just won’t cut it. Having made hundreds of thousands of dollars on the internet over the years I think I have some kind of a take on what’s actually needed and the lazy guru thing is just a load of hogwash, at least if you’re trying to build a business that will last. I mean, one of the most careworn phrases used in marketing to the innocent and unaware is "passive income for ever". Err, wrong! Most subscriptions, for example, last four to six months at best, particularly if you’re not regularly putting up new stuff. Four to six months is not "for ever", it’s for four to six months. That’s it. Then there’s that lazy gurus’ favorite, Adsense. As someone who’s got quite a few Adsense funded sites out there I can say quite easily that the best performer by far is one on mortgages. Zero surprises there. The rest just don’t justify the time I’ve spent on them. In fact, slapping up Adsense sites only becomes worthwhile when you just, literally, slap them up. With Adsense, ugly is good. Ugly works, because all the visitor wants to do is click away. I’m here to tell you, don’t waste time making pretty Adsense sites – life really is too short. Now, affiliate marketing is a whole different ball game. Here it’s definitely worth putting in the effort because you can make some serious money from a good presentation. The best affiliate marketing involves you in making the product your own and treating it and writing about it as if you did own it. Decades ago I became the top selling technical rep for a very, very large chemical company because customers always came to ME first when they wanted to order or know something about one of our products. I was always their first port of call; in fact I WAS the company to them, and that should be you with your chosen range of affiliate products. To make serious money though, you have to follow the words of a decidedly unlazy and very intelligent marketer, Marlon Sanders. He says to make the big money you have to have your own product and he’s right. I know, because over 90% of my online income has come from sales of my own products. And that takes work I’m afraid. Unless you want to put it up on elance. Now please don’t get me started on that… About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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