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Leshan women and students studying abroad "video chat" insurance cheated 100 thousand yuan, 48 year old Ms. Hu is Leshan (micro-blog) City Central District, his daughter to Germany to study, Ms. Hu almost every day with WeChat and daughter video chat. At 11 a.m. on September 24th, Xiao Mei sent a message on the mobile phone chat tool, "is it in, mum?"" Ms. Hu did not have time to return information, the United States sent a video invitation, Ms. Hu quickly get through, she saw the video is the daughter of the image, but only the screen without sound, video only lasted 10 seconds, then broke. Ms. Hu did not think much, chat with words. Small name, toilet accidentally dropped the water, can not open the machine, can only use the computer chat tools. Xiao Zhang, a professor of the school, returned home yesterday. His father was ill and had to be operated on. Professor Zhang is not easy to take too much cash with her plane. She will give her 60 thousand euros before returning home, so that she will help him to enter the domestic account in two days. But she was in the remittance, several banks are in the system rectification, temporarily unable to remit money. Little beauty told her mother, her mobile phone is broken, Professor Zhang can not contact her, so I want to call Ms. Hu help contact professor zhang. Ms. Hu dialed the phone number of Professor Zhang coming from the small hairdressing salon, explained the situation that the daughter couldn’t send the money and the cell phone was damaged. After the call, the United States and in the chat tools sent to a foreign currency deposit single photo, said Professor Zhang gave her first 60 thousand euros exists for your account, "Professor Zhang told me very care, or your mother at home to think of a way to collect money for a pad with Professor zhang." Ms. Hu dare not neglect, call Professor Zhang again, asking how much money is needed now. Professor Zhang said that you need 150 thousand medical expenses, Ms. Hu said he can raise 100 thousand yuan. At 1 p.m. on the same day, Ms. Hu came to the Binjiang Road branch of Leshan branch of the Bank of China, Leshan City, and took out a deposit certificate with a value of 100 thousand yuan to withdraw cash, and asked anxiously about the relevant matters concerning remittance. Ms. Hu’s action attracted the attention of the staff. After checking Ms. Hu’s mobile phone and her daughter’s chat record, the staff decided that this is a fraud to steal the customer’s daughter chat account to defraud the customer funds fraud case. After confirmation of deception, Ms. Hu quickly sent to the daughter of WeChat to send information, let her see the information quickly call. On the afternoon of 4 pm, the United States call back to hear the mother’s experience, only to find his account stolen. Ms. Hu is puzzled, the network chat video, she obviously see the daughter’s appearance, how can it be a liar? In this regard, Leshan Public Security Bureau network security detachment Case Investigation Brigade responsible person said, may be a small computer in the virus, liar control computer opened the camera and recorded video. Police remind, in the face of someone borrowing through the network tools, must be vigilant, through a variety of ways to verify. Zhou Jie Chengdu Daily reporter Gu Aigang editor note: the video has nothing to do with the original, only to expand the reading, the old man playing more than girls network chat cheat the same bachelor more than 30

乐山女子与留学女儿“视频聊天” 险被骗走10万元48岁的胡女士是乐山(微博)市中区人,其女儿小美到德国读研,胡女士几乎每天都用微信和女儿视频聊天。9月24日上午11时许,小美在手机聊天工具上发来信息问“在不在,妈?”胡女士还没来得及回信息,小美就发了一个视频邀请,胡女士赶紧接通,她看到了视频里是女儿的影像,但只有画面没有声音,视频只持续了10秒钟便断了。胡女士没多想,就用文字聊天。小美称,上厕所不小心把电话掉水里了,开不了机,只能用电脑上聊天工具。小美称,学校的张教授昨天回国了,其父亲生病要做手术。张教授坐飞机不方便带太多现金,回国前将6万欧元交给她,要她过两天帮他打入国内账户。但她在汇款时,几家银行都在系统整顿,暂时无法汇款。小美告诉母亲,她手机坏了,张教授也联系不上她,所以想喊胡女士帮忙联系张教授。胡女士拨通了小美发过来的张教授的手机号码,解释了女儿汇款不成及手机损坏的情况。打完电话,小美又在聊天工具上发来一张外币存款单的照片,称张教授给她的6万欧元先存在了自己户头上,“张教授对我非常关心和照顾,要不妈你在家里先想想办法,凑钱给张教授垫用一下。”胡女士不敢怠慢,再次给张教授打电话,询问目前需要多少钱。张教授说需要15万医疗费,胡女士表示可以帮他筹10万元。当日下午1时,胡女士来到位于乐山城区的中国银行乐山分行滨江路支行,拿出一张面额为10万元的定期存单要支取现金,并焦急地询问汇款的相关事宜。胡女士的举动引起了工作人员的注意。在查看了胡女士手机上与女儿的聊天记录后,工作人员判定这是一起诈骗分子盗用客户女儿聊天账号骗取客户资金的诈骗案件。在确认上当受骗后,胡女士赶紧给女儿的微信发去信息,让她看到信息后迅速来电。当日下午4时许,小美回电听说母亲的遭遇后,才发现自己账号被盗。胡女士纳闷的是,网聊视频中,她明明看到的是女儿的样子,怎么会是骗子呢?对此,乐山市公安局网安支队案件侦查大队相关负责人介绍说,有可能是小美的电脑中了病毒,骗子控制电脑开启了摄像头并录下视频。民警提醒,在遇到有人通过网络工具进行借款时,一定要提高警惕,通过多种途径加以核实。周洁 成都商报记者 顾爱刚编者注:该视频与原文无关,仅供扩展阅读 老汉扮多名女生网聊骗同一单身汉30余万相关的主题文章:

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