Liuzhou city has many air illegally built there the longest over 5 years 4000dy

Liuzhou city has many "air illegally built there the longest over 5 years Liu Tai Road in district two a volley of illegally built". Nanguojinbao journalist Huang Yuanlai   the figure "who will bare space transformation for the room, this house even people dare to live?" Recently, a netizen in the red community Liuzhou forum posting, said in Liuzhou city two District Liu Tai Road (formerly eleven smelting area two) a lot of "air illegally built" springing up, not only affects the cell appearance, but also seriously affect the safety of the building. In this regard, Liunan District, city administrative and Law Enforcement Bureau relevant responsible person said, after inspection, will be dismantled according to the law on illegal construction. Residents: "air illegally built" worrying yesterday afternoon, the reporter came to the network according to the clues Liu Tai Lu two district visits, found that the district is a three noes District, the phenomenon of illegal construction within the district is very common, there are several shocking "air illegally built" towering over the side of residential buildings. In the area of building 63, two storey reinforced concrete structure built an area of about 20 square meters, composed of three or four reinforced concrete column "support" in the unit floor. The reporter saw here illegally built is located on the third floor and the four floor, the one or two floor is the air, are illegally built two rooms on each floor, and have installed anti-theft network. In the illegally built balcony, household clothes drying, that has been admitted. In the adjacent building 62, the reporter saw there are two "air illegally built" area and 63 building is located in the unit building with four or five floors, and all people in. In these structures, is also connected with a drainage pipe, some are installed on the air conditioning, looks in good condition". For such a volley of illegally built, district residents have reservations: "a long time" the volley illegally built ‘existence, looks very abrupt, very uncoordinated. Now built wind intensified, so that residential environment and order become worse and worse." In addition to illegal construction affect the appearance, let more residents are concerned about security issues. Residents Ms. Wang said, "these volley illegally built without professional planning, surveying and construction, are privately stamped, safety concern. "Two floor all the weight by several reinforced concrete column support, and without professional design, without precise calculation, without professional construction; post can bear much weight, simply can not know. Unit downstairs in case of collapse, People are hurrying to and fro., consequences be unbearable to contemplate." Resident Chen said that such a situation is worrying. Therefore, area residents have repeatedly to the community, reflect the urban management department, the relevant departments are also illegal to post to rent, but is still not removed. Urban management: will be dismantled according to the law to reflect the residents, eleven metallurgical community responsible person responded that, because Liu Tai Road area two is the "three noes" District, the district illegally built situation is indeed more widespread. Because the community has no enforcement power, after receiving complaints from residents in the community can only inspect persuasion, no other way, "these are not the owners of illegally built during the day and at night in a flagrant way, secretly built community, they have no way to take, can only be reported to higher authorities". According to reports, these.相关的主题文章:

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