[裸身吹头发现男子]_女宾客在浴室更衣区裸身吹头发,镜子里突然惊现两男子…[naked blowing head man found]_ female guests in the bathroom naked hair dressing area, suddenly two men in the mirror…-猫婆婆的厨房


  赤身吹头时看到两男子 “真的太吓人了,竟然有两个男的走进女宾区。”7月9日上午9点,长春市民王女士向记者讲述了凌晨发生的一幕。 “朋友从外地过来,正好我也刚出差回来,所以我们四个想好好聚聚,8号晚上吃完饭就来到铂宫汇馆洗浴冲凉。”9日凌晨2点多,王女士和朋友洗浴完毕后,从沐浴区来到更衣室,二人在梳妆台前吹理头发,未穿任何衣服。这时,王女士在镜子中看到有两名男子站在女宾区出入口位置,“我记得他们有手牌,应该是来消费的顾客。”王女士和朋友被吓得愣住了,发出惊声尖叫。“那两个男的一个看着三四十岁了,另一个年轻一些,他俩好像还面对面笑了笑,然后就离开了女宾区。” 王女士称,两名男子当时站在女宾区里面,已经穿过了屏风。 听到惊叫后,女宾区工作人员赶来。王女士称,该工作人员只在门口叨咕了两句,并未上前追赶两名闯入女宾区的男士。“愣了半天,我和朋友才缓过来,马上穿上衣服,还跑出去找这两个人。”但此时两名男子已经无影无踪。愤怒的王女士找到大堂经理,“我希望他们诚心道歉,毕竟这是在他们店内发生的,而且事后也没有及时处理。” 王女士称在自己的一再追问下,大堂经理才象征性地给女宾区工作人员开了一张200元的处罚通知单,“但他们一直没有正式道歉,监控视频也没有立刻给我看,说让我上午再来,会给我解释。” 大堂经理称10日给出答复 7月9日上午10点30分,记者同王女士来到位于临河街与卫星路交会的铂宫汇馆,正在值班的大堂经理刘先生向王女士了解情况后表示会将问题反映给上级领导,并找到当时值班的工作人员了解情况,7月10日下午4点之前给王女士一个满意的答复,“毕竟当时的值班经理不是我,我不了解情况。”

其间,刘经理分别带王女士和其男性朋友去调取监控,王女士想找一下关于那两名男性的一些线索,但由于监控视频疑似出现故障,她并未得到两名男子的影像信息。王女士表示,如果事情得不到合理解决,她不排除会通过司法程序来维护自身利益。 律师 建议商家协商解决 消费者作为隐私权被侵犯的受害人,可以依据《侵权责任法》和《消费者权益保护法》有关规定,分别向“闯入者”和铂宫汇馆主张侵权责任或违约责任。若主张侵权责任时,可以请求赔礼道歉、精神抚慰金等赔偿;若主张违约责任时,赔偿的范围一般小于侵权责任的范围。鉴于纠纷涉及当事人隐私,建议铂宫汇馆从维护企业声誉和社会美誉度的角度出发,主动地与消费者协商解决。 The scorching heat, night and a friend to dinner, and then to the bath shower washed, originally very comfortable weekend, was a sudden "intruder" scared screamed again and again. On July 9th, at 2:00 in the morning, Ms. Wang and her friends from Changchun met this horrible scene in the changing area of the women’s bathroom. See two naked men blowing head "It was so scary that two men walked into the women’s quarters." At 9 a.m. on July 9th, Ms. Wang, a Changchun resident, told reporters about the scene in the early morning. "A friend coming from the field, and I have just come back from a business trip, so we want to get together four, No. 8, the evening meal came to the meeting hall bath shower platinum palace." 9 at 2 in the morning, Ms. Wang and friends after bathing, from the bath area came to the locker room, two people in the dressing table blowing hair, did not wear any clothes. At this time, Ms. Wang saw in the mirror two men standing in the female guest area entrance and exit position, "I remember they have hand cards, should be to consumer customers."." Ms. Wang and friends are scared to scream out in amazement. "The two men, one looking at thirty or forty and the other young, smiled and laughed as they left the women’s quarter." Ms. Wang said, two men were standing in the female guest area inside, has been through the screen. When she heard the scream, she came to the women’s quarters. Ms. Wang said, the staff at the door only mumble a few words, did not come forward after two men broke into the female guest area. "Stupefied for a long time, my friend and I just relaxed, immediately put on clothes, but also ran out to find these two people."." But at this point, the two men have disappeared. Mrs. Wang, who was angry, found the lobby manager. "I want them to apologize sincerely. After all, it happened in their store, and they didn’t handle it in time."." Ms. Wang said in his repeated questioning, the lobby manager only symbolically to the staff ladies District opened a 200 yuan punishment notice ", but they have no formal apology, the surveillance video was not immediately to me, let me say that morning again, will explain to me." Lobby manager said 10 days to give a reply On July 9th at 10:30 in the morning, reporter with Ms. Wang arrived at Linhe street and Satellite Road intersection of platinum palace Exchange Museum, Mr. Liu was on duty in the lobby manager to understand the situation after Ms. Wang said the issue will be reflected to their superiors, and find that on duty staff to understand the situation, in July 10th 4 in the afternoon before a satisfactory for Ms. Wang the answer, "after all, the duty manager is not me, I did not understand."   In the meantime, Ms. Wang and Liu respectively with their male friends to take control, Ms. Wang to find some clues about the two men, but because the surveillance video suspected failure, she did not get the image information of two men. Ms. Wang said that if things can not be resolved properly, she does not rule out the judicial process to safeguard their own interests. The lawyer advised the businessman to settle the matter through consultation Consumers are violations of privacy as the victim, according to the "tort liability law" and "consumer protection law" the relevant provisions, to the "intruder" and hall Bogong claim tort liability or liability for breach of contract. If the claim for tort liability, you can request an apology, mental solatium and other compensation; if you hold the responsibility for breach of contract, the scope of compensation is generally less than the scope of tort liability. In view of the parties involved in the disputes of privacy, suggestions from the maintenance of corporate reputation platinum palace hall and social reputation perspective, actively negotiated with consumers.相关的主题文章:

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