Market analysis and trend forecast of spot crude oil next Monday in October

? October 10th crude oil spot market analysis and forecast next Monday Sina fund exposure table: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click on [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! October 10th crude oil spot market analysis and forecast next Monday how far a person can go to see him whom; how good a person, to see who he was pointing; how successful a person, to see who accompanies him. The National Day holiday in EIA non farm payrolls data and in the end, we may on the holiday enough, but still want to recover as soon as possible, to meet new challenges, the world is always unpredictable, we can only influence our own heart, so we have to do is to keep a good attitude. Even if a person has a good state of mind, may not win others cheers and pour, but if you want to win the success of the crown, must have a good attitude. Maintain a good attitude is against all the odds, is not about things. As this week crude oil market, a lot of people think this is high, listen to others short speech, the bull trend needs to be done, however, the spot market trend is king! Return to the theme, Friday (October 7th) Beijing time 20:30, the United States in September new payrolls data is less than expected. The U.S. Labor Department report showed the U.S. September nonfarm employment 156 thousand people, less than the expected 172 thousand, August payrolls by 151 thousand to 167 thousand; the unemployment rate in September of 5[%] 4.9[%], the worse than expected, the former value of 4.9[%]. Affected by this, oil prices have risen short term. The change in oil prices has been closely related to the dollar trend in recent months. For the use of foreign currency transaction buyers, the weak dollar makes dollar denominated crude oil is cheaper, oil prices will rise in the dollar is often the case. But recently, oil traders are more concerned about OPEC’s comments and their plans to reduce production. Although the market has doubts about the details of the production plan and whether OPEC can comply with the plan, oil prices are still rising to a high level since June. On Friday, however, oil prices rose abruptly after Novak, the Russian energy minister, spoke to the energy conference next week in Turkey. Next week the market will usher in the three EIAIEAOPEC crude oil market report, in addition, October 8-13, OPEC and non OPEC oil producers plan to hold an informal meeting in Istanbul, discuss the implementation of the agreement to cut output. At the conference gap, OPEC will also consult with representatives of Russia on frozen production. Technical analysis: the oil four hours chart, K above the $50.74 mark near the touch blocked down, the position at the same time in the band near the back to the 5 day moving average near 49.5 rebound, so we market to see the $49.3 temporary support interval. From the indicators, Bollinger channel continues to run, figure MACD indicators speed line formed Sicha go flat run bias in the high, green energy column volume; KDJ index is formed in the overbought zone of Sicha downward.

?10月10日现货原油下周一行情分析及走势预测 新浪基金曝光台:信披滞后虚假宣传,业绩长期低于同类产品,买基金被坑怎么办?点击【我要投诉】,新浪帮你曝光他们!   10月10日现货原油下周一行情分析及走势预测   一个人能走多远,要看他有谁同行;一个人有多优秀,要看他有谁指点;一个人有多成功,要看他有谁相伴。 国庆假期在EIA数据和非农数据中收尾,大家可能还对假期意犹未尽,但还是要尽快的恢复状态,迎接新的挑战,世事总是难料的,我们所能影响的只有我们自己内心,所以我们要做的就是保持好的心态。纵然一个人有了良好的心态,未必会赢得他人的喝彩与倾注,但若要摘取成功的桂冠必然要有良好的心态。保持良好的心态是力排众议,不为外物所左右。就像本周原油的行情一样,很多人都看这是高点,听信旁人做空的言论,结果多头的趋势还要去做单,殊不知,现货市场趋势为王!   回归正题,周五(10月7日)北京时间20:30,美国9月新增非农就业数据不及预期。美国劳工部公布的报告显示,美国9月新增非农就业15.6万人,不及预期的17.2万人,8月非农就业由15.1万修正为16.7万;9月失业率5[%],差于预期的4.9[%],前值4.9[%]。受此影响,油价曾短线上涨。最近数月,油价的变化与美元走势密切相关。对于使用外币交易的买家来说,弱势美元使得以美元标价的原油更为便宜,故通常在美元下跌的情况下油价都会上涨。   但是,近期石油交易商更关注的是OPEC的言论及其减产计划。尽管市场对减产计划的细节及OPEC能否遵守计划均存在着质疑,但油价仍上涨至自6月以来的高位。可是,周五油价上涨的势头在俄罗斯能源部长诺瓦克对下周在土耳其召开的能源大会进行表态后戛然而止。   下周原油市场将迎来EIA\IEA\OPEC三大原油市场报告,另外,10月8-13日OPEC及非OPEC产油国计划在伊斯坦布尔召开非正式会议,讨论减产协议的实施情况。在会议间隙OPEC还将与俄罗斯代表磋商冻产事宜。   技术面分析:   美油四小时走势图来看,K线在上方触及50.74美元关口附近后受阻回落,该位置同时处于布林带上轨附近,回落至5日均线49.5附近反弹,那么我们后市支撑区间暂时看向49.3美元。从指标来看,布林带通道持续向上运行,附图MACD指标快慢线在高位形成死叉走平偏向下运行,绿色动能柱开始放量;KDJ指标在超买区形成死叉向下运行,目前有走缓迹象,且脱离超买区。这表明上到50美元上方越往上短线的压力越大.日线图来看油价七阳连正式结束,上方阻力位还是看在50.7-51美元,综合来看预计短期内油价仍有回落可能,   下周一10月10日现货原油操作策略:   49.0-49.3美元进多,目标50美元附近,止损0.3美元。   50.5-50.7美元进空,目标49.7美元附近,最小止损。   【投资有风险,入市需谨慎,盈亏自负,建议仅供参考。】   诚于分析,精于策略   成功不是将来才有的,而是从决定去做的那一刻起,持续累积而成。   以上建议出自高级原油分析师:李雨心 个人V.信lyx92108 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章:

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