Nanjing a residential fire 5 fire trucks blocked the door (Figure) ssdao

Nanjing a residential fire 5 fire trucks blocked the door (Figure) "119" after receiving the alarm, dispatched 5 fire engines rushed to the site of the incident, the district found that the fire channel is occupied illegally parked vehicles can not enter. Around 7:30 a.m. in October 28th, a fire broke out in the underground warehouse of Xing Yin family District in Xuanwu District of Nanjing, and a lot of smoke was emitted from the scene. "119" after receiving the alarm, dispatched 5 fire engines immediately rushed past the place, can be found in the District, the fire lane was illegal parking vehicles occupied, unable to enter. Traffic police squadron of a squadron of mobile police heard the command center unified dispatch, but also rushed to the scene, traffic guidance, opening up rescue channels. The traffic police check license, notify the owner to move the car after some vehicles did not move, the narrow road wrecker cannot qingtuo. Fortunately, the fire is not large, fire officers and soldiers can only be large fire engines parked on the road outside the district by five, and then carry a single soldier fire fighting equipment into the district fire fighting. 8:15, the fire was controlled, on-site traffic resumed at 8:30. Fortunately, the fire was not large, causing no casualties. Traffic police also reminded, please owners do not just temporary convenience, while in the fire lane parking. Traffic police brigade said that they will increase the use of fire emergency channel illegally parked vehicles to investigate and punish efforts to ensure the safety of the lives and property of the masses. Author: Guo Yipeng

南京一小区突发火灾 5辆消防车被堵门外(图)   “119”接到报警后出动5辆消防车立即赶往事发地点,可到了小区发现,消防通道被违停车辆占据根本无法进入。   10月28日上午7点半左右,南京玄武区兴贤家园小区地下仓库发生火灾,现场冒出大量浓烟。“119”接到报警后出动5辆消防车立即赶往事发地点,可到了小区发现,消防通道被违停车辆占据根本无法进入。   交警一大队机动中队民警听到指挥中心统一调度后也紧急赶往现场,进行交通疏导,开辟救援通道。交警现场查看车牌,通知车主挪车后仍有一些车辆没有动,道路狭窄清障车也无法清拖。所幸火势不大,消防官兵只能将大型消防车停在小区外的经五路上,然后携带单兵救火装备进入小区救火。8点15分,大火势被控制,现场交通于8点30分恢复。   幸运的是,此次火势不大,没有造成人员伤亡。交警也就此提醒,请车主们不要只顾一时方便,而在消防通道停车。交警一大队表示,他们近期将加大对占用消防应急通道违停车辆的查处力度,确保群众生命财产安全。作者:郭一鹏相关的主题文章:

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