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The title of an article is the most important reader magnet – followed closely by the intro paragraph. Both work in concert to pull the reader into your article. How can you create .pelling titles? It’s not rocket science – these tips will help. .pare the following titles. Which one jumps off the page and grabs your attention? 1. An Article’s Title is Important and So is the Introductory Paragraph 2. Magnetic Article Titles – How Do You Create Them? Read On! Doesn’t the second title grab more attention than the first? Why? Notice that a bit of imaginative language is used, .bined with a question and a prod to continue reading. Let’s look at two more titles and decide why one is better than the other: 1. Article Marketing Does NOT Work. And Here is Why! 2. Articles Can Bring Your Website More Traffic and Increase Your Sales The first title above emphatically contradicts a .mon assumption. Wouldn’t an article with such a title pique your interest? Remember, however, that a controversial title must be supported by the article’s content. Two more prospective article titles: 1. Breviloquence: Do You Know Why it Is Important in Articles? 2. Terse and Concise Statements in Articles Are Very Important Huh? Do you know what ‘breviloquence’ means? If not, you are likely to click on the article’s title to at least find out what the term stands for. This un.mon word is .bined with a question that entices the reader into the article. The second title is boring and mediocre. It may attract some attention, but not as much as the first. Consider these titles and decide which is more interesting: 1. Articles Should Always Have Good Titles and Introductory Paragraphs 2. Hit the Mark: 10 Tips for Great Article Titles and Intros The second title is forceful. It indicates that the article has 10 tips. Lists of tips are popular reading material. The reader is assured that the article will contain some useful information – and not just advertising hype. Here are the last two titles for .parison: 1. Article Title Are Very Importand And Must Be Made Careful or Else 2. Article Titles Are Crucial and Must Be Constructed With Care If you don’t understand why the second title is superior, you shouldn’t be an article author. Spelling and grammar mistakes are absolutely taboo. Always spell- and grammar-check your writing. Did you notice that all of the ‘good’ titles were 60 characters or less? There are two reasons for keeping your titles short. 1. The average Internet user desires instant gratification. Short, snappy titles catch the eye and invite clickthroughs. 2. Many search engines display the first 60 or so characters of a title in their search results. Anything after that is cut off and further text is indicated with a ‘…’ notation. Your brilliantly-written, long title may not make sense when the last few words are left out. Keep titles to the 60-character limit, with your most important words near the beginning. Article writing can be an art form when executed with flair and style. Use your .mon sense, and take advantage of any .puter tools or reference books available to you. A textbook like ‘Painless Grammar’ by Rebecca Elliott, PhD (Barron’s Educational Series, Inc.) may save you considerable time and embarrassment. Happy .posing, folks! Copyright Kathy Steinemann: This article is free to publish only if this copyright notice, the byline, and the author’s note below (with active links) are included. 相关的主题文章:

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