Noveski cheer out Erwin challenge, amazed fellow compatriots play

Noveski help Erwin challenge at fellow youngster Noveski play tennis play well data on behalf of the Dallas Mavericks won the NBA championship in 2011 and the finals most valuable player basketball superstar Nowitzki Erwin came to the elite tennis match on Thursday (125K), before the Germans had come to match the number of ATP challenges located in the greater Dallas area. "This is the third or fourth time I’ve come here, and I love this event," Nowitzki told ATP official website. "They’ve done a very good job of organizing, and the weather is pretty good every mid March. I have the opportunity to see some German players here, and I (Philip) Putz Snell and Benny? (Benjamin) Becker has always kept in touch, I am happy to see them in the doubles match success to win the third set." "I love tennis. It’s a very enjoyable evening."." After watching the match between Becker and Putz Snell, Nowitzki and his fellow German came to the basketball court to show their skills. Later in the evening to watch the German youngster Zvi Lev beat 6 seed Yangnuoweici game. "I’ve never seen his game before, and he really surprised me," Nowitzki added. "Zvi Lev is taller than I thought, and his game is full of power. He’s still young, and if he stays healthy and puts himself in tennis, he’s going to have a great future. It’s good to see his game." Erwin 14 final was canceled on Friday due to rain, the game will continue at 11 a.m. local time on Saturday, Zvi Lev will be on the 9 Stadium against seed Muller, Becker and the United States player Smick Za in the 7 stadium to start the contest. Baghdatis and Darcis will play against Bedene and Edmond qualifier.

诺维斯基助阵欧文挑战赛 惊叹同胞小将出色发挥 诺维斯基打网球资料图   曾代表达拉斯小牛队在2011年赢得NBA总冠军并当选总决赛最有价值球员的篮球巨星诺维茨基在周四来到了欧文网球精英赛(125K),而在此之前德国人已经数度来到过位于大达拉斯地区的这项ATP挑战赛。   “这应该是我第三次或第四次来到这里了,我很喜欢这个赛事,”诺维茨基告诉ATP官网,“他们的组织工作做的非常好,而且每年三月中旬这里的天气一般都还不错。我在这里有机会见到了一些德国球员,我与(菲利普)普兹斯内尔和班尼?(本杰明)贝克尔一直都保持着联系,我很高兴看到他们在这场双打比赛中成功拿下了第三盘。”   “我很热爱网球,这是一个让我很享受的夜晚。”   在观看完贝克尔和普兹斯内尔的比赛后,诺维茨基和他的德国老乡来到了篮球场上一展身手。此后他又在晚上观看了德国小将兹维列夫击败6号种子扬诺维茨的比赛。   “我之前从来没有看过他的比赛,他打的确实让我吃惊,”诺维茨基补充道,“兹维列夫比我想象的要高一些,他的比赛充满力量。他现在还很年轻,如果能保持健康并且全身心投入网球,那么他将会有美好的前程。很高兴能看到他的比赛。”   欧文赛1 4决赛在周五因下雨被取消,比赛将在当地时间周六上午11点继续进行,兹维列夫将在9号球场迎战2号种子穆勒,贝克尔将和美国选手斯米克扎在7号球场展开较量。巴格达蒂斯和达尔西斯则将分别对阵贝德内和资格赛选手埃德蒙德。相关的主题文章:

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