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Out of the shadow of marriage? Huang Yi performed marriage Sina rail ridicule entertainment news recently, Huang Yi [micro-blog] as the Tiguan guests to participate in the Zhejiang satellite TV [micro-blog] "comedy story" in the program and program recording, and "Fat Prince" Fat Dragon staged a princess to save the marriage story. After the two married, met a marriage crisis, fat dragon play Fat Prince suspect Huang Yi’s snow white people on the outside, she is always jealous. The first attempt of the comedy show Huang Yi is very hard, even to the last scene of the story of the development of tears, the audience uproarious also touched many viewers. In the end, Huang Yiyu fat version of Snow White has a happy ending, and in real life, experienced numerous times with her ex husband tear forced Huang Yi, not so lucky. August 2009, Huang Yiyu’s first husband Jiang Kai only 41 days to know the news of marriage, a year after the flash off. In 2012, Huang Yiyu’s second husband Huang Yiqing love exposure, two heats in 2013 and January and gave birth to her daughter. However, a happy marriage only lasted less than two years, in June 12, 2014, two people started divorce in micro-blog, even in the long ago, Huang Yi also accused of posting Huang Yiwei money with her daughter. However, this time to see Huang Yi in a hard and marital relationships, marriage derailed the comedy, netizens have said, "can take out ridicule, it seems really bearish, hope Huang Yi can come out." (Intern Su Yewen) (commissioning editor: Allen)相关的主题文章:

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