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Putin NUPI western response to the situation in Syria for the French Military Channel initiative – Sohu Global Times reported: because there are serious differences on the crisis in Syria, tensions between Russia and the West escalating. Russian President Putin, 12, accepted an interview with the French TF1 television, a strong comeback in the West accused russia. 13, Itar TASS reported that Russian President Putin Kopf Rolf said in an interview with French TF1 television interview, responsible for the overall situation in Syria and the region of the first is the United States and its allies, and they accused Russia, which is not to consider the reality of political rhetoric. Moscow’s goal is to avoid a repeat of the situation in Libya and Iraq in Syria. Putin stressed that the United States by terrorists to achieve their political goal at this stage is to let them fight with Syria’s president Bashar and his government, but the results of boomerang. Today, the Russian news agency, 13, said Putin, Russia rejected the proposed draft of the United Nations in Syria, France, the United States caused a large number of Western media anti Russian propaganda. This program is "as rejected is born", in order to further aggravate the situation, rendering anti Russian sentiment. "Russia today" website, Putin is still 12 days "Russia calls" forum, criticized the Obama administration put Russia into the election dispute, to manipulate the American voters to vote for the Democratic candidate Hilary. At the same time, Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov, 12, to accept the CNN (CNN) interview, criticized the western countries blame Russia to participate in the raid on the humanitarian aid convoy in Aleppo. He also said that the deployment of missiles in Kaliningrad, Russia, Russia is acting in its own territory, while the United States deployed weapons in Eastern Europe, where the United States is not the territory. In recent days, the Russian veto France proposed by the United Nations draft of Syria, tensions between Russia and france. Russia announced the cancellation of 11 Putin’s visit plan. British Foreign Minister Johnson also raised serious criticism of russia. But 13 days seem to have eased the relationship between Russia and france. Russian news agency said the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs on behalf of 13, said the Russian Foreign Minister on the same day the phone, France is expected to continue to maintain a sincere dialogue with Russia on the issue of Syria. Agence France-Presse said, Russia will be 13 Rutskoi said that Russia is ready to ensure the evacuation of Eastern Aleppo Syria armed opposition, civilians, and humanitarian supplies have a safe channel smoothly. Russia’s "satellite news agency" commentator Hal Lamo J believes that now the Western anti Russian sentiment is obvious, can be described as "London, Paris" hot pursuit ", are actually trying to please the United states. CNN12 journal article said that many people think that the current Russian friction has reached the highest level after the fall of the Berlin wall. The last Soviet leader Gorbachev, 10, said he advocated dialogue between the two countries to ease the situation. "I think the world is at a critical moment," said Gorbachev. "We need to stop this and start talking again". However, a Western diplomat said that in the past, the confrontation between the West and Russia curve has been followed by a fixed pattern, that is, the situation continues to slow escalation.相关的主题文章:

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