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Self testing fertility, from the five aspects of the whole! Sohu baby as we all know, there is the concept of fertility is the golden period, but with the changes of body state, age and other problems or change our fertility are constantly changing. We are now carrying out eugenic ideas in a better state of natural growth period of pregnancy gave birth to the baby will naturally have a higher chance of better. However, in the end how to do to judge their fertility? Under normal circumstances, self testing fertility, we recommend the following several aspects: 1 age, objectively speaking, the best women of childbearing age is 24-29 years old, when the age is too small, the reproductive system is not fully mature, and for women to have babies that there may be some hidden dangers. And wait until the age is too big to be pregnant, then, the quality of the female ovary and egg will drop, easy to cause abortion and abnormal appearance. Male, best child-bearing age was 25-35 years old, the female is different from the number of eggs has been fixed, male fertility theory, but the most vigorous, the best sperm quality was this time. 2, BMI index, BMI index, body mass index, is obtained by weight in kilograms divided by height in meters squared figures for the pregnant mother, this is the ideal state in the range of 18-25. 3, menstrual cycle menstruation is a direct reflection of the degree of reproductive health of women, the normal period of 28-35 days for women. Occasionally irregular menstruation is not a problem. But often the oligomenorrhea, delayed menstruation or amenorrhea, dysmenorrhea, in advance we need to check out, ovary, pituitary and luteal and other possible problems. 4, the history of contraception is now daily oral contraceptives is still relatively safe, but the emergency contraceptives or eat less wonderful. Women who choose to place the contraceptive device should pay attention to the occurrence of pelvic infection and fallopian tube adhesion. For pregnant women who do not have a plan, we must do a good job of contraception, abortion will cause irreversible damage to the female body, serious may lead to infertility. 5, the physical condition of all pregnancy preparation conditions are based on physical health, whether pregnancy or pregnancy in October, is a great challenge to prepare pregnant mothers physical quality, physical strength and energy only enough, in order to ensure the normal fetal growth and development. Therefore, regular physical examination, develop good eating habits, exercise is very important. Life is a great and hard things, blessing every pregnant mother can quickly prepare pregnant eugenic, enjoy the joy of motherhood ~ more prepared pregnant, please add micro signal: bjtlbyby2 (public number search bjtlbyby2 long press copy).相关的主题文章:

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