Shandong traffic police looking drunk driving was wounded and fell to the ground police driver has b-嘿嘿taxi

Shandong police drunk driving was wounded on the police: the driver has been controlled – Sohu news exposure photos @ Zoucheng traffic police on online network net exposure Shandong Zoucheng city Jining a police drunk driving driver was wounded on February 17th Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Brigade Propaganda Department staff told surging news (Zoucheng city), the event caused by the traffic police a traffic police brigade eight team were injured, the driver has been controlled. More than micro-blog users on the night of February 16th broke the news that the night, Zoucheng City Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Brigade in Yanjing garden near the drunk driving, a suspected drunk driving driver and traffic police body conflict, traffic police were knocked down on the spot, after being sent to hospital. Network Exposure pictures, a man wearing police uniforms lying in the middle of the road, and more than a number of traffic police standing around him, as well as traffic police are carrying stretchers. The traffic police brigade Propaganda Department staff confirmed that the incident occurred in the evening of February 16th, when the traffic police are carrying out drunk driving centralized rectification action, in the process of a traffic police injury, is still in hospital, but whether it was wounded still need investigation. Traffic Police Brigade leaders are meeting with the eight squadron to deal with the matter, the specific details of the investigation results will be clear. Zoucheng City Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Brigade police said eight team office, they only know that the driver has been controlled, the specific circumstances of the event is not clear.

山东交警查酒驾被打伤倒地 警方:司机已被控制-搜狐新闻 网曝交警倒地的照片 @邹城在线网 图   网曝山东济宁邹城市一交警查酒驾时被司机打伤倒地,邹城市公安局交警大队宣传科工作人员2月17日告诉澎湃新闻(),事件造成交警大队八中队一名交警受伤,目前肇事司机已经被控制。   多名微博网友2月16日晚爆料称,当晚邹城市公安局交警大队在燕京花园附近查酒驾时,一名涉嫌酒驾司机与交警发生肢体冲突,交警被当场打倒在地,后被送往医院。   网曝图片中,一名身穿交警制服男子躺在公路中间,另有多名交警站在他周围,还有交警正在抬担架。   上述交警大队宣传科工作人员证实,事发于2月16日晚间,当时交警正在开展酒后驾驶集中整治行动,过程中一名交警受伤,目前仍在住院,但是否是被打伤仍需调查。交警大队领导正在和八中队开会处理此事,具体细节要等调查结果出来才清楚。   邹城市公安局交警大队八中队办公室民警表示,他们只知道肇事司机已被控制,事件具体情况暂时不清楚。相关的主题文章:

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