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Shanghai will increase across the Huangpu River Suzhou river channel 220 km new rail newspaper, how livable industry? "In 13th Five-Year, we propose a low impact development concept." Held yesterday, the city of Shanghai in the next five years livable industry experts salon, Shanghai housing and urban and rural construction planning committee director Bi Guiping said. Shanghai’s future transportation, urban greening, etc., will be how to develop livable industry? The relevant departments of the city experts gave the answer. [traffic] "13th Five-Year" new rail 220 km "during the Shanghai city comprehensive transportation" in 13th Five-Year will enter a new stage of development." He Li, deputy director of the Shanghai Municipal Transportation Commission, deputy director of planning, said yesterday at the salon, there are some outstanding problems in the development of transportation in Shanghai. As the railway only traditional "70 degrees" Nanjing and Shanghai Hangzhou two channel, function is relatively simple, the lack of commuter rail and suburban railway, the railway passenger transport hub layout of "west east light weight". The peak speed of road traffic is low, the blocking time is long, the congested road section is widely distributed, and the impact is large. There are 8 regional expressway congestion more than 100 working days, the road has more than 15 regional congestion more than 100 working days." Public transport, rail transport services in the vicinity of the new city and the center of the city is not efficient, lack of convergence of the bus and hub, there are gaps in service and poor reliability. "13th Five-Year" period, the city traffic in foreign areas will have new measures, such as speeding up the high level of inland waterway construction and renovation, the three level and above the inland waterway mileage of 260 km. Shanghai aviation hub to meet the passenger throughput of 110 million -1.2 million passengers, cargo throughput requirements of more than 4 million tons. Shanghai Hangzhou, Shanghai’s speeding up the lake, the three or four line (Xhenzhuang – Shanghai South Railway Station), Shanghai (Nantong to Anting section, Taicang to four section) construction and Pudong railway electrification, enhance Shanghai railway external radiation surface. On the road, will continue to improve the implementation of fast road network, a total length of 70 km; increase across the Huangpu River and Suzhou river channel, strengthen the cross river river road network docking, implementation of tunnel about 10 seats; enhance the central city arterial road facilities, improve road traffic security, the implementation of a total length of 140 km. Strengthen key areas of traffic facilities, improve the Hongqiao business district, the international tourism resort, port Zhang Jiang and other regions, the supporting road network, consider the recent focus on strengthening the traffic security National Convention Center, to accelerate the launch of the area around the airport fast road network construction project. In public transport, will continue to build and improve the rail transit network, the construction of multi-level rail transit system, the formation of a multi network mode of rail transit system. Continue to promote the construction of 800 km rail network. The new start construction of rail transit line 220 kilometers, including Chongming line, Jia Min line, airport express line, line 19 (Pudong South Road), line 20 (north of the original line 16), line 23, line 13 and the West extension of line 1 and the West extension. [green] "13th Five-Year" by 2500 hectares of public green space in Shanghai City Landscaping Administration Bureau of planning everywhere相关的主题文章:

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