Shaoguan man has been arrested for 16 years because of the loud voice of the recorder-spyair

Shaoguan man was recorder sound too many people killed were arrested fled 16 years of Nanfang Daily News (reporter Bi Shiming correspondent Wang Cian) 2000, Jiangwan Qiaotou town of Shaoguan City, Wujiang District, a stall in front of the door, only for motorcycle parked in the car radio voice in front of the stalls is too large and caused a case of intentional injury a death case, in September 2015, Zou Wei was double murderer arrested police. The day before, Shaoguan City Intermediate People’s Court of first instance to the defendant Zou Moumou guilty of intentional assault, sentenced to life imprisonment and deprivation of political rights for life. The court found: November 11, 2000 23 am, the defendant Zou Moumou and Gongmou after dinner, after the town of Jiangwan bridge a stall, because of dissatisfaction with the motorcycle parked in the car Yemou recorder sound of the stalls in front of the door is too large, will kick the motorcycle. Is this stall to eat supper with Yemou seeing, Zou Moumou quarrel, then fighting, fighting occurred, and ye eat snacks together and the victim Liang Xu, some are also involved in the fighting, Gong then took the opportunity to run away. Liang and others will work together to Zou Moumou uniform, and forced Zou Moumou kneel apology and compensation for motorcycle repair fees. Gongmou ran away after called Zou Mouzhang, Zou Moupei, Zou Moumou seeing it up against, and Liang struggling together, Zou Mouzhang, Zou Moupei picked up two sticks from the side the Zhuida Xu et al. In the conflict, Zou Moumou in the big screen door out a glue pincer beat Liang, and the forehead of a beam injury. Gong Mou and other people will stop fighting, Gong also help beam into a stall to help stop bleeding. Zou Moumou still angry, but find a kitchen knife back to the big gear, knife to the head of a knife cut two knives, causing a beam injury fell to the ground, Zou Moumou fled the scene fled. Liang sent to hospital for invalid death. In September 18, 2015, the police will eventually catch Zou moumou. Recently, the Shaoguan intermediate people’s court after trial of the case made a verdict. The verdict is that the defendant, Zou Moumou, intentionally hurts another person’s body and causes one person to die. His act has constituted the crime of intentional injury, and his recidivist should be punished severely according to law. In view of the fact that he can confess his crime facts voluntarily and confess his crimes voluntarily, he can be given a lighter punishment according to law, and the victim has a certain fault in the intensification of the case, and he may be punished leniently according to law. Accordingly, the hospital made the above judgment in accordance with the law. At present, the judgment has been legally effective. Editor in chief: GDN006

韶关男子因录音机声音太大把人打死 潜逃16年被抓   南方日报讯(记者 毕式明通讯员 汪次安)2000年,韶关市武江区江湾镇桥头某大排档门前,仅因停放在该档口门前的摩托车车载录音机声音过大而引发一宗故意伤害致一人死亡案,2015年9月,凶手邹伟双终被公安机关抓获归案。日前,韶关市中级法院一审以被告人邹某某犯故意伤害罪,判处其无期徒刑,剥夺政治权利终身。   法院经审理查明:2000年11月11日23时许,被告人邹某某与龚某吃饭后,经过江湾镇桥头某大排档时,因不满叶某停放在该档口门前的摩托车车载录音机声音过大,将摩托车踢倒。正在该大排档内吃宵夜的叶某见状,便与邹某某发生争吵,继而打斗,打斗发生后,与叶某一同吃宵夜的被害人梁某以及许某、段某也参与到打斗中,龚某则趁机跑开。梁某等人合力将邹某某制服,并逼迫邹某某下跪道歉及赔偿摩托车修理费。   龚某跑开后叫来邹某章、邹某培等人,邹某某见状便起身反抗,并与梁某扭打在一起,邹某章、邹某培则从旁边柴堆捡起两根柴棍追打许某等人。   冲突中,邹某某在大排档门口拿出一把胶钳殴打梁某,并将梁某前额打伤。龚某等人见状便停止打斗,龚某还扶梁某进到大排档内帮其止血。邹某某仍气愤不过,找来一把菜刀返回大排档内,持刀向梁某的头部砍了两刀,致梁某伤重倒地,邹某某便逃离现场潜逃。梁某经送医院抢救无效死亡。2015年9月18日,公安民警终将邹某某抓获归案。   日前,韶关中院经开庭审理后对该案作出了一审判决。判决认为:被告人邹某某故意伤害他人身体,并致一人死亡,其行为已构成故意伤害罪,且其系累犯,依法应当从重处罚。鉴于其归案后能如实供述自己的犯罪事实,自愿认罪,依法可从轻处罚,且被害人对本案矛盾激化有一定的过错,依法可对邹某某从宽处罚。   据此,该院依法作出上述判决。目前,该案判决已经发生法律效力。 责任编辑: GDN006相关的主题文章:

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