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Software If you want to have your own website with shopping cart, having a closer look at the shopping cart software by e-.merce software provider ShopFactory could serve you well. These guys have been developing their point and click easy to use software since 1995 – making them the most experienced player in the market. The results speak for themselves. The websites created look great, and can actually help you increase your sales by ranking highly in search engines and making website navigation easy for your customers. And although ShopFactory shopping cart software is one of the easiest e-.merce software solutions available, it is also one of the most powerful. The feature list is exhaustive and you will be hard pressed to find a feature not supported. Of course the shop building solution supports all the normal e-.merce functions, such as product options, tax and shipping calculations, discounts, integration with payment services such as PayPal and Google Checkout and too many other functions to list here. But despite its affordable pricing the software also supports more elusive services such as digital goods delivery, loyalty programs for website members, network selling for up to 5 levels of affiliate partners as well as tracking the performance of marketing actions or surcharges for different payment methods. You can even create Shops in multiple languages, which explains why the software is popular not only in the United States but also in Europe. ShopFactory shops also .ply with the PCI / CISP regulations – a must these days, if you want to accept credit card payments online. Supplied with a large number of website themes the e-.merce developers have also spent much time making the customization of these themes as easy as possible. In fact point and click easy. Even as a .plete novice you should be able to convert any website theme to make it match your design requirements. One of the greatest advantages of this website and shopping cart builder however is that you don’t have to be connected to the Internet all the time to build or maintain your shop. These days many e-.merce solutions are purely online, requiring you to be constantly connected to the Internet while editing and uploading images. If you have ever tried to maintain a website online, you will know how much of a pain this can be. This is especially important for small business owners. They often work on their websites in the evenings or on weekends – just when everyone else uses the Internet to play games or browse around, slowing access down considerably. With ShopFactory you simply build your shop and publish your changes to the Net afterwards, while having a cup of coffee. This feature alone will save you countless hours of frustrated waiting on the Net. As if this wasn’t enough, the software requires no .plex server installations or server hosting requirements – just upload your shop and start receiving orders. So if you are looking for shopping cart software which is feature rich and powerful yet easy enough for a novice to use, then ShopFactory would be worth a very close look. The software is a available as a demo version – so there is no need to make a rash investment. However when you look at the testimonials on the ShopFactory website, it obvious that quite a number of users have tested many different solutions before settling on ShopFactory. .bining this with the fact that ShopFactory is the longest existing e-.merce solution provider on the Internet certainly makes ShopFactory a good choice. 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