some activities to equilibrate and potentiate your body and minds energies 翻车致19人遇难 杨洋手术不打麻药

Travel-and-Leisure We all know that the seaside is healthy. But it can even be healthier: iodated air and sun can be completed with salubrious activities for body and soul, helping to get more relaxed and find again some of the interior equilibrium that would help us to be more serene and, hence, even our body to be healthier. Its good to get a bit purified, every now and then, not only from the smog and from the food and bad alimentation: purification from stress is just as important. Thus, heres the activities in the beach, to enjoy at the best the healthy air of the seaside, making activities that will finally lead you to relax a little bit, to eliminate some of the tension cumulated in the day-to-day life. All this happens in the Adriatic Riviera beaches, in an event named Le spiagge del benessere (wellness beaches), that will accompany the inhabitants and the tourists of the Riviera from the 14th June to the 21st August 2010; and once the day in the beach is over, the tourists will go back to their hotels, where they will hopefully find a wellness centre, bringing their relax to the maximum: wallowed by the cares of the hotel, once back at home the lucky travellers will be rejuvenated and reinvigorated. To get the chance to participating in the activities organized in the beach it will be enough to be in the right place at the right time; to have this possibility, you just need to choose and book a hotel in the area. The choice of hotels in the Adriatic Riviera is very wide: since the Sixties the Riviera became a renowned destination for the mass tourism in Italy, hence it is prepared to satisfy any kind of demand, via phone, email and online, to keep up with the Joneses, from B&B to luxury hotels, to satisfy at the best the requests of any kind of guest. There proposals are varied: different kinds of dances, among which there are the oriental ones, the bio-dance, the soft dance and the Polynesian dances; some activities to equilibrate and potentiate your body and minds energies, like yoga, shiatsu, thai chi chuan, qi gong and others, then creative activities and meetings, sunrise and sunset meditations, shamanic trips that is to say, meditations on the boat and, finally, gymnastics on the beach with body fly and pilates. All this can also be accompanied by a good massage once back at your hotel, to get some extra relax in the evening. The relax version of the Adriatic Riviera proposes itself as a valid alternative to the night life for which the Riviera is famous, that anyway is possible: but preferring some rest, theres all you need to leave your everyday problems and worries behind, to get a chance to find your forces again, to go back home with a healthy and positive energy and get back in your daily life. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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