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Squats do not limit the site can easily lose weight first, let me introduce what is the squat, squat, is a kind of exercise, the exercise of the thigh muscles at the same time, will cause a great stimulus to the heart, has obvious effect on improving cardiac function and the ability to adapt. Squat, the main practice is the thigh and lower limb strength, thigh four muscle, gluteus maximus, waist and other parts will also participate in force. But some beginners practice after the squat body discomfort, such as back pain, tenderness, swelling and other phenomena occur even if the back of the neck, shoulder and neck cushion sponge pad is of no avail. Why is it so? The main reason is that the movement is not correct, especially the improper placement of barbell. Practice: first stand, can put a chair in front of him, or do not put the table directly on the yoga mat above, upright; feet shoulder width apart, feet parallel, toe to the front; the foot can also be divided into a certain angle, about 60 degrees, but to keep the squat the direction of the knee and toe direction. The body slowly squat down, until the size of the leg angle is less than 90° but don’t close, relax, about 70 – 80 degrees can be forced to stand up in front of the thigh; then, until the stand straight. This exercise every day can not only lose weight, but the body’s heart function has very good improvement, strong ability can also strengthen the leg, anti-aging. For those who have site restrictions and do not want to buy other sports equipment is no better than the baby. Note: keep the body upright, can slightly forward, not bow; try not to squat knee over the toes; keep the knee and toes forward, the same direction, can not buckle, not shaking; force to consciously make first force; the whole process keeps uniform, speed is not fast. This exercise is very exciting to the heart, the heart is bad, high blood pressure people before practice, it is best to consult a doctor, and then practice. For fitness beginners, squat is indeed a hard job, not only uncomfortable, but also requires high concentration and attention. However, squat exercises can exercise almost all parts of the body, including the leg, hip, abdomen, heart and lungs. The strength of the heart and lung function will directly affect the consequences of anaerobic exercise, but not accurate breathing, heart and lung function is also good to no avail. The legs of the large muscle groups are in motion and needs more oxygen to support muscle work, so every time there will inevitably be in the depth of suction time, exhale is not urgent, slowly exhale the air uniform. Assuming a relatively large weight squats may be squat to midnight, a final action can hold, but only once, otherwise, would constitute a headache, nausea and other symptoms of hypoxia. Squat to the thigh with the ground parallel or slightly lower, if the hip tribe to the ankle joint, squatting too low, not necessary, but also prone to knee, ankle and other joint injuries. When you squat down, don’t move too fast, put too low, otherwise it is easy to damage the knee, ankle and other joints. The reason for the rapid lowering of the barbell is the excessive relaxation of the supporting muscles. Barbell weight is larger, and with a certain speed, it will cause no slip or slippage, but also let the knee suddenly by gravity pressure!

深蹲不限制场地就可以轻松减肥  首先,我来说一下什么是深蹲,深蹲起,是一种锻炼方法,它锻炼大腿肌肉的同时,也会对心脏造成很大的刺激作用,对提高心脏功能和适应能力有明显作用。深蹲起主要练习的还是大腿及下肢力量,股四头肌、臀大肌,腰部等一些部位也会参与用力。  但有些初学者练深蹲后身体却产生不适,如腰背酸痛,颈后出现压痛、红肿等现象,即使肩颈部垫了海绵垫也无济于事。为什么会这样呢?究其原因,主要是动作不够正确,特别是杠铃放置不恰当所致。  练习方法:  首先站立,身前可以放一张椅子,或者不放桌子直接在瑜伽垫上面做,抬头挺胸;双脚分开与肩同宽,双脚平行,脚尖向正前方;脚掌也可以是分开成一定的角度,约60度,但要保持下蹲时膝盖的方向与脚尖方向一致。身体慢慢往下蹲,直到大小腿的夹角小于90°,但不要贴紧放松,约70—80度即可;然后大腿前面用力站起来,直到站直。  这样子坚持每天锻炼不仅可以减肥,而且对身体的心脏机能有很好的改善作用,还可以加强腿部的强劲能力,延缓衰老。对于那些有场地限制且不想另外买运动器材的宝宝是再好不过的了。   注意事项:  保持上身的挺直,可以稍微前倾,不能弓腰;下蹲时膝关节尽量不要超过脚尖;保持膝关节始终向前,和脚尖的方向一致,不能内扣,不能晃动;发力时要有意识的让臀部先用力;整个过程保持匀速,速度不能快。这个练习对心脏的刺激很大,心脏不好、血压高的人练习前,最好先咨询医生,再进行练习。  对健身初学者来说,深蹲的确是一件苦差事,不只让人感觉不舒适,而且还需求高度集中留心力。然则,深蹲演习却能锤炼几乎一切的身体部位,包括小腿、臀部、腹部、心脏和肺部等。  心肺功用的强弱会直接影响到无氧运动的后果,但不能精确的呼吸,心肺功用再好也无济于事。腿部的大肌肉群都在运动,需求更多的氧来支撑肌肉的做工,因此每次在吸气的时分必定要有深度,呼气时则不要急,缓慢均匀的将气呼出。假设在蹲一个比较大的重量或许是蹲到最终一个行动的时分,可以屏气,但只能一次,否则,会缺氧构成头疼、恶心等症状。  蹲至大腿与地面平行或稍低,若臀部落到踝关节,则下蹲过低,既没有必要,又易造成膝踝等关节损伤。  深蹲时切忌下放速度过快,放得过低,否则极易损伤膝踝等关节。杠铃下放速度快的原因是支撑的肌肉过分松弛。杠铃重量较大,加上有一定的速度,就会造成起不来或滑脱,还会让膝盖突然受到重力压迫。  深蹲锻炼价值最大的是蹲起阶段,此阶段注意力集中在腿部,腿部全和用力,同时呼气。头要抬起,想象蹬腿用力使头能向上顶,而不要先抬起臀部后直腰。整个蹲起过程要保持重心稳定,脚不能移动。身体直立后,股四头继续用力,极度收缩,使膝关节保持过伸的趋向1-2秒。  正确的深蹲锻炼,并且坚持不懈就会看到很好的效果,深蹲不但有塑造腿型的作用,同时还能提臀减肥,让你的身材线条更加地优美。每天坚持30分钟以上就可以很好地达到燃脂的效果,想要身材更加好的宝宝们记得多锻炼!相关的主题文章:

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