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Business Are you thinking of investing in small business email marketing? Before you .mit to a specific email marketing .pany, you should assemble a list of the features you desire. Read on for some popular targeted email marketing features to consider. 1. Email Templates In order to hold a reader’s attention, your messages have to be visually .pelling, featuring images of your products and services. These messages are also valuable branding opportunities, and should be enhanced to include your .pany colors and logo whenever possible. Some email marketing services allow users to customize their own templates, while others handle the process on their end. Depending on the .pany you choose, you might even be able to request a custom design. No matter where your design .es from, make sure that your email marketing .pany checks its templates in multiple browsers and email clients so that your messages will always appear as intended. 2. Social Networking Who doesn’t like killing two birds with one stone? At many email marketing services, targeted email marketing and social networking go hand in hand. For example, certain services allow you to automatically tweet a copy of every email newsletter you send out. Additionally, email messages can be modified to include social sharing buttons, encouraging users to share your newsletters on Facebook, Twitter, and other services. This can help spread the word about your business on a variety of platforms, all from a single email! 3. Contact List Management For effective small business email marketing, you have to make sure that your messages are reaching the right people. Ideally, you want a large distribution list, consisting solely of readers who are interested in your products or services. To this end, most email marketing services include contact list management capabilities. This could involve API integration, so that you can add a sign up form on your webpage or blog to increase your subscriber count. A good marketing .pany will also monitor bounces and unsubscribes to make sure your contact list includes only the proper audience. 4. Statistical Reporting Email campaigns are extremely easy to track, and any good email marketing service will send you relevant statistics on a regular basis. Your statistics should tell you how many people are reading and forwarding your messages, in addition to how many clicks the various links in your newsletters are receiving. If your email marketing campaign involves social networking, you should be able to see statistics on social media shares as well. Some email marketing services feature email .parisons, so you can see how your newsletters are doing when stacked against similar campaigns. Depending on your budget and business goals, your targeted email marketing campaign may not require all of these features. Still, it’s important to explore your options, consider your needs, and know which features to demand from a potential marketing .pany. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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