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Careers-Employment A simple resume cover letter should never under sell what you bring to the table. The format can be simple and the language can be easy to read. What you don’t want to over simplify is your ability to do the job. Also avoid simple, generic phrases. Using generic cover letters can many times work against you. You don’t effectively engage the reader. This is what I’ve done on simple resume cover letters. First, I made sure to not copy anything from the internet that was easily available. Meaning, if I found it, many others have also. The worst would be to have a cover letter to closely resembling someone else’s and still coming across as generic. I looked into some programs to help me with this. More on that further below. Second, I didn’t go too much into my background. The resume will do that. The approach I took was to inspire them to read the resume after looking over my cover letter. That being said, I need to catch the reader with something unique so I would address the letter to the reader. Yes, this would take a little of investigation. How much do you want the job? Can I afford to go another 2 weeks without a job? That’s what I would ask myself. Third, continuing on the point above. I made a habit of showing my passion for the work they do. I can tell you from experience. Many companies don’t have room for additional people at this time. Yet they always have room for individuals with passion for what the company does. Find out what that is and paint that picture. Last, to keep it a simple resume cover letter. I made sure that I painted a picture of stability. Meaning I would touch on being part of the company for years and having the desire to be part of something. Employers don’t like to hire often. Every time they hire, there’s training and lag time. If they perceive you going else where or moving around often it’ll be a red flag. I also made every effort to always deliver it in person and rarely did I submit it via email. It just never comes across the same way. It’s not the same to read a pdf than it is to have a hard copy. If I emailed it, I made sure to mail a hard copy. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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