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Nutrition There are many high protein recipes out there. With some help, you can produce high protein meals that are good to eat and easy to make. There are many benefits to having a high protein meal. These benefits can range from either a stronger, healthier person, or perhaps losing some weight in a healthy way. You might think that eating a lot of protein would make you gain weight, but the truth is that with the correct diet plan you can achieve a much healthier weight while eating protein rich foods. I believe that the anabolic diet is a great choice to obtain the physically fit body you are looking for. What is protein? Protein is a very important nutrient in our diet. It is crucial for our muscles to have protein so that they can grow and function properly. Protein can be obtained through many different ways. Whether you base all three daily meals on protein intake, or you just eat snacks between meals that are high in protein, it is important to get the proper amount. Protein is .monly found in meats such as steak, chicken, and tuna, but it can also be found in things like peanut butter, oats, and milk. High protein recipes mix these ingredients together to create a meal that is very high in protein. Eating these meals you can be sure to get the re.mended amount of protein. What are some high protein recipes? Peanut Butter/Trail Mix Protein Bars – 1 C Crunchy Peanut Butter – 2/3 C Applesauce – 2 C Packed Brown Sugar – 3 Eggs – 1 C Flour, minus 2 Tbsp – Tsp Salt – 1 Tsp Vanilla – 2 Scoops Protein Powder – 1/2 C Chocolate Chips – 1/2 C Unsalted Sunflower Seeds – 1/2 C Unsalted Pumpkin Seeds Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Mix all ingredients together well, and spread into a greased, 9X13 cake pan. Bake for 35 minutes, or until center springs back when you touch it. Cool, and cut into bars. To turn these into high protein dessert bars to enjoy after dinner, mix 1 C icing sugar and 2 Tsp. (or so) water, and ice the bars. Then, melt chocolate chips and a teaspoon or so of vegetable oil, and drizzle on top of icing. These bars are high in fat, so eat them in small servings. Protein-Packed Poultry Soup This is a tasty soup you can make ahead and put in a thermos to take to work with you. – 1 Can Low-Sodium Chicken Broth – 1/2 C Cubed Chicken, cooked – 1/2 C Egg or Rice Noodles – 1/4 C Frozen Mixed Vegetables – 2 Scoops Unflavored Protein Powder – Garlic Powder, Onion Powder, Salt and Pepper to taste .bine all ingredients with seasonings, and heat until noodles are soft and vegetables are heated through. High Protein Slow Cooker Creamy Chicken or Beef Stew – 2 Cans Low Sodium Cream of Chicken or Beef Soup – Enough Water to equal 2 cans of soup – Boneless Chicken Breast or Lean Stewing Beef, Cubed – Potatoes, cubed in water, set aside in refrigerator – 1 C Frozen Vegetables – Fresh Garlic and Onions – Salt, Pepper, Other Seasonings, to taste .bine soup, water, chicken and seasonings in slow cooker. Cook on low for seven or eight hours. When you get home from work, add potatoes (drain the water) and vegetables, and cook for another half hour or so on high. Serve with a slice of French bread, toasted with garlic butter. If you want, you can also add dumplings in the last half hour of cooking, but if you do, skip the bread. To Top It Off These are only a few of the recipes out there. There are many more that are just as easy to cook and taste just as good. High protein can be consumed for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and as a snack. It is easy to do as long as you know have the right recipes. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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