The brother is busy fighting game over allies steal unlicensed driving hit BMW-tinyos

The brother is busy fighting game over "allies" steal unlicensed driving hit BMW business reporter Huang Ping Chongqing daily news Yubei a brother and Chen because of the common love fun "hero alliance" game acquaintance, 15, brother waiting for the shift when busy fighting in the game, "ally" is undocumented steal his taxi to pick him up, but hit a BMW car. Yubei Traffic and patrol police, around 4 pm the same day, Yubei District Longxi street Wuling Road intersection occurred taxi illegal lane change and BMW car crash. After investigation, the taxi driver Chen did not obtain a driver’s license. Further investigation that Chen has no fixed job, long-term play heroes Union in Longxi dial an Internet cafe, and the taxi driver met together team to play the game. The same day, the brother of indulging in the network world, do not pay attention to Chen has put him in the car keys on the computer desk quietly removed, and then drive to hongqihegou meet a friend to Internet cafes to play games together, but in the way of accident. Finally, Chen was detained for 10 days because of driving without a license, and impose a fine of 2000 yuan, in addition to bear the losses of nearly 6000 yuan fee.

的哥交班忙着游戏拼杀 “盟友”无证偷驾撞宝马   商报记者 黄平   重庆商报讯 渝北一位的哥和陈某因共同爱好玩“英雄联盟”游戏相识,15日,的哥等待交班时忙着在游戏中拼杀,“盟友”却无证偷开他的出租车去接人,不料撞上一辆宝马车。   渝北交巡警介绍,当天下午4时左右,渝北区龙溪街道武陵路路口发生一起出租车违法变道与宝马车相撞事故。经查,驾驶出租车的陈某竟没有取得驾驶证。进一步调查得知,陈某无固定工作,长期在龙溪转盘某网吧玩“英雄联盟”,并和该出租车司机相识共同组队玩游戏。当天,的哥沉迷于网络世界,没有注意到陈某已将他放在电脑桌上的车钥匙悄悄取走,然后开车到红旗河沟接一位朋友来网吧一起玩游戏,不料途中发生事故。   最后,陈某因无证驾车被拘留10天,并处罚款2000元,此外还要承担相关损失费近6000元。相关的主题文章:

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