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Business Many times you don’t need to sell the products yourself. You can be an affiliate for companies that sell some products and make a lot of money this way. For example, some hosting companies and dating sites offer the affiliates the opportunity to earn residual profits. They pay you a set amount of the membership profits for as long as the client stays subscribed. This is amazing. You don’t have to take care of the customers. You don’t have to deal with refunds. You just advertise the products. Whenever a client purchase the membership, you get paid a portion of the profits for as long as those clients remain customers. This could last for just a few weeks or several months and even years. Another way is using multi-level marketing programs. Multi-level marketing companies let you sell their products and train other people to sell the products as well. They will pay you a portion of the profits that your trainees (your sales people) generate. Not only that but they will also pay you for the profits that others bellow your sales people generate. This multiplies your income exponentially and let you receive residual income because you make money not only from your efforts but from the efforts of other people as well. You may be receiving profits from the efforts of people that you don’t even know. This is not a pyramid scheme. Many people confuse this system with an illegal pyramid scheme. That’s because this is exactly the opposite of what a pyramid is. A pyramid/ponzi scam requires you to make an investment to join the company and the only way for you to make money is to advertise the scam and convince more people to pay money to join the company as well. This makes no sense and it is mathematically inconsistent. The idea behind multi-level marketing is the opposite. You joint he company for free. You can sell the products and get paid for it like with affiliate marketing. You can train other people to sell the products too who can also join the company for free. You get paid whenever they sell something. If they train other people, you also get paid when one of those people sell something. This keeps going for several levels. It is a win – win situation for everyone. Those who buy the products from the company receive a real product. It could be anything, from a book to a computer, to a CD player; anything that the company happens to be selling. So, the consumers are happy, the sales people are happy and the company selling the products is also happy. This is an idea of other way to receive residual income. You receive residual income with multi-level marketing because while you won’t be selling the same product to the same person several times, you can train some people to do the sales and make money from their efforts whenever they sell a product to someone else. As you can see receiving residual profits is not only important but desirable. This is definitely one of the true keys to wealth. When you receive residual profits you leverage your efforts. I hope this information have been helpful to you. Since I started my business career I realized that I wanted to get as many streams of residual profits as possible. This is definitely one of the things rich people do to make money, and it is very profitable! 2007 About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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