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The EU summit exist serious differences between the British Prime Minister "and European" negotiations protestingly Beijing – Beijing in February 19, according to foreign media reported that 19 Downing Street sources said about the relationship between EU and UK policy reforms in the negotiations so far has not yet been achieved. The European Union held a summit meeting in Brussels in February 18th to discuss controversial reform proposals. Downing Street sources said that the first round of the Council of Europe has ended, "many problems remain serious differences."". British Prime Minister Cameron tried to convince European Union leaders in the talks that they would like to agree with his proposed reforms in the UK before the referendum on Britain’s stay in the eu. However, some participants raised objections, including opposition to restrictions on child welfare payments. Cameron said earlier that he was fighting for the interests of Britain, but not for British politicians who remained suspicious in the European union. BBC political affairs correspondent said that Cameron told EU leaders that he had to get a convincing agreement to speak to the British people. But the present situation is that he seems not to have broken through any important problem. If the two sides fail to reach an agreement, negotiations and discussions may continue on Friday. Analysts said that if the EU can accept the reform plan put forward by the United Kingdom during this meeting, the British Prime Minister Cameron will convene an emergency cabinet meeting, the government confirmed the standpoint of Britain in the EU, although members of the government as an individual can retain the personal position. In this case, Cameron is likely to announce a specific referendum date on whether Britain will remain in the European union. If the meeting could not reach an agreement, the two sides still have the opportunity to reach an agreement in May and March 17th summit held at the end of February the special summit meeting.

欧盟峰会存严重分歧 英首相就“脱欧”谈判力辩-中新网   中新网2月19日电 据外媒19日报道,英国首相府消息人士称,有关欧盟与英国关系政策改革所进行的谈判到目前为止尚未取得进展。   欧盟2月18日在布鲁塞尔举行高峰会议,讨论了引起争议的有关改革建议。唐宁街消息来源说,欧洲理事会第一轮会议已经结束,“许多问题仍存严重分歧”。   英国首相卡梅伦在会谈中试图说服欧盟国家领导人,希望他们在英国举行有关英国是否留在欧盟的全民公决之前同意他提出的改革建议。   但是,一些与会者提出反对意见,包括反对针对发放儿童福利金的限制。   卡梅伦在早些时候表示,他正在为英国的利益而战斗,但是对英国留在欧盟持怀疑立场的英国政界人士并不以为然。   BBC政治事务记者说,卡梅伦告诉欧盟国家领导人,他必须获得一个令人信服的协议,才能向英国人民交待。但是目前的情况是,他似乎没有就解决任何重要问题获得突破。   如果双方不能达成协议,谈判和讨论可能在星期五继续进行。   分析称,如果欧盟能够在这次会议期间接受英国提出的改革方案,英国首相卡梅伦将会召开紧急内阁会议,确认要求英国留在欧盟的政府立场,尽管政府成员作为个人可以保留个人立场。   在这种情况下,卡梅伦有可能宣布决定英国是否留在欧盟的具体全民公投日期。   如果这次会议不能达成协议,双方在3月17日的高峰会议以及可能在2月底举行的特别高峰会议上仍然有达成协议的机会。相关的主题文章:

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