The new Apple expression Hancheng world co Star deer line pgd-426

The new Apple expression Hancheng world on-line deer co star Sina entertainment news September 14, 2016 morning, Apple released the new iMessage App Store expression package of new features, including Luhan expression package also officially launched, it is reported that Luhan is China, first in the new iMessage App Store authorized launch expression package product is a global celebrity, iMessage in the launch of the first real person Luhan expression package. Since then, the world hundreds of millions of App Store users in iMessage new App Store search for "Luhan download Luhan expression package. International deer high popularity and influence is evident. Previously, Luhan overseas social platform Instagram the number of fans exceeded 6 million, becoming the first platform fans more than 6 million Chinese stars; Luhan in Instagram on the single highest point of praise is more than 1 million, more than the European and American star, leading the Chinese list; American Media Award in 2015 the world’s most handsome face list, Luhan ranked ninth become the only one Asian star entered the world’s top ten list of the most handsome; Luhan also three to break the Guinness world record: he won the "micro-blog most commented Bowen" Guinness world record, after the lapse of a year, the micro-blog review has climbed to more than 100 million, again to refresh their Guinness record. In the first concert on the 351 people, 1731 people wearing antlers and scenes of far more than the United Kingdom has created the record, let him once again won the Guinness world record certificate. These have confirmed Luhan high popularity in the world. It is reported that recently Luhan Reloaded concert officially launched the VR version, this is the first 4K ultra clear VR concert. The audience can not only through the VR technology, experience 360 degree stage real effect, can feel more 4K ultra clear picture of the unique effects, enjoy the new visual feast.相关的主题文章:

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