The police report by his ex-wife huangdie seized possession of the official response (Figure)

The police report by his ex-wife huangdie seized possession of the official response (Figure) according to Ms. Wu reported, her ex husband seized possession of the Yellow disc. Ms Wu said the report, her husband a lot of counterfeit money and possession of the seizure list. Wu Wenyuan made a suicide note. In February 1st, surging news () exclusive coverage of the Nanjing railway public security police Zhu Yiyong suspected of using his position to secretly harboring the collection to huangdie, counterfeit money, also suspected of unauthorized public security network information query and personal privacy information family to download and print the address and other citizens. On the morning of 2, Nanjing Railway Police Department to respond to the surging news, previously, has been investigating the matter as soon as possible, will be strictly dealt with according to discipline. The day before, Nanjing public Wu Wenyuan told the surging news report, a police office of Nanjing Public Security Department of Shanghai Railway Public Security Bureau Zhu suspected resolute and steadfast by taking advantage of his position, unauthorized interception of other public security of railway police seized counterfeit pornographic discs, and other items, but also query and download, print out a thick wad of personal privacy information of other citizens of the family the number of private address, etc.. Wu Wenyuan said that she and Zhu Yiyong had a couple, in July 2012, Zhu Yiyong suddenly moved out from home, and forced her to divorce, division of property at the same time put forward a series of "demanding", her desperation to the Shanghai Railway Bureau and the media report Zhu Yiyong suspected violations of law. In fact, his possession of something far more than these, this is only a small part of my divorce and he moved down." Ms. Wu said. In the report the matter to the media before, Wu Wenyuan has been to the relevant departments of the railway real-name reporting/real-name whistleblowing the above matters, and provides some evidence. But she asked relevant departments to provide "all report the material of the original documents, it makes her feel worried. She said, once she will "original evidence of all reported materials" are paid after the railway departments may be all sorts of excuses to suppress it or protect against Zhu Yiyong, he instead into a more unfavorable situation. Wu Wenyuan told news reporters surging, to prevent accidents, she has written more than a suicide note, will also report the original evidence materials scattered in a number of relatives and friends. "I also hold the hands of other original evidence, if not timely correction, the railway sector accountability, I will continue to report to the higher authorities and other inspection and prosecution system." Wu Wenyuan said. Editor: Mao min SN184

民警被前妻举报私藏收缴黄碟 官方回应(图) 据吴女士所举报,其前夫私藏的扣押黄碟。 吴女士举报称,其前夫私藏了不少扣押的假币及清单。 吴文媛立下的遗书。   2月1日,澎湃新闻()独家报道了南京铁路公安一民警朱毅勇涉嫌利用职务之便私自窝藏收缴来的黄碟、假币,还涉嫌擅自查询公安内网信息并下载、打印其他公民的家庭住址等个人隐私信息。   2日上午,南京铁路公安处向澎湃新闻作出回应,此前,已经在调查此事,将从速从严依法依纪作出处理。日前,南京市民吴文媛向澎湃新闻举报称,上海铁路公安局南京公安处的一位内勤民警朱毅勇涉嫌利用职务之便,私自截留其他公安铁路民警扣押的淫秽光盘、假币等物品,还查询并下载、打印了一厚沓其他公民的家庭 住址、私家车号等个人隐私信息。吴文媛称,她与朱毅勇原本是夫妻,2012年7月,朱毅勇突然从家中搬出,并逼迫她离婚,同时在分割财产时提出了一系列 “过分要求”,她无奈之下才向上海铁路局及媒体举报朱毅勇上述涉嫌违法违纪之事。   “其实他私藏的东西远远不止这些,这些只是他和我离婚搬家时落下的一小部分而已。”吴女士称。在向媒体 举报此事前,吴文媛已向铁路相关部门实名举报了上述事宜,并提供了若干证据材料。但相关部门要求她提供“所有举报材料的原文件”,这让她感到有些担心。她说,一旦她将“所有举报材料”的原始证据都上缴后,铁路部门可能会以种种借口加以压制此事或对朱毅勇加以包庇,自己反而陷入更加不利局面。   吴文媛告诉澎湃新闻记者,为防不测,她已写下多份遗书,还将举报材料的原始证据分散在多个亲友处收留。“我手里还掌握着其他原始证据材料,如果铁路部门不及时加以纠错、问责,我将会继续向上级部门及其他纪监、检察系统举报。”吴文媛说。 责任编辑:茅敏敏 SN184相关的主题文章:

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