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Arts-and-Entertainment Hello my fantastic readers and welcome back for our next exciting edition of Flirting with Women Online. You’ve likely heard the rule which states that 20% of what you do is responsible for 80% of the results you reap. So let’s use this concept to consider Internet dating. Twenty percent of effort brings eighty percent of results. If that is really the case, it would seem obvious that the most important thing to consider is where to use that twenty percent. (re-reading the title of this in search of an answer is unfair). You are correct, that twenty percent effort should be put into your profile, photos and your first email contact They set the mood when you "approach" women online. From this point forward, most of your success will simply come from avoiding silly mis-steps. (I’ll cover that in future posts, no fear). Such is your theoretical lesson for the day. Now, what should you do about the sensible aspect? How can you turn a mere 20-percent effort into whopping 80-percent returns? The initial step in the process is to develop and write a great profile including posting some flattering photos of yourself, and then you will be ready to start writing catchy emails. I’ll give you more details later, but to begin with, here are the main ideas: 1. If you remember nothing else from my presentation today, let it be this: Make sure your profile revels your PERSONALITY. Ladies (and really everyone) interact with you according to who you really are. Scrutinizing a person’s personality is comparable to the canine behavior of butt-sniffing. I know you may think its gross, but it actually has a point. Simply telling her about your hobbies and your career aren’t enough because she wants to feel that she is actually getting to know you on a personal level. Therefore do not provide a list of what you like or do. Let her see a little bit of who you are. Explain what it is that you love about your career Why do you do the things you like to do? Like a dog, you have to turn around and give her a whiff of who you really are. metaphorically speaking, of course)! 2. People notice spelling and grammar mistakes so make sure that you are spell checking your profile. Have a friend proofread it for mistakes or use a spelling and grammar checker. Refine it.Shine it up. Perfect it. When applying for a position you care to get, would you submit your resume with incorrect spelling? The same situation applies here. 3. Get some quality pictures of yourself that you can put online. It’s true that you will have to spend some money for this, but it is well worth the investment. So go ahead and take the measures you need to get it done. 4. In your first email to her make sure to show her a little bit of your personality. It is a flaw to seem too flattering. If you do, you run the risk of looking like you are trying too hard. However, you do need to make sure that your email stands apart from all of the other ones she will be receiving. If you want her to write back, pique her interest by adding sarcasm, being witty or by adding tasteful humor. Alright, does that inspire you with creativity? NO? Well then … just take an extension cord, cut it in two, plug it in … and, well, you should know the rest. If this does not manage to get the creative juices flowing for you, then I am afraid I can’t be of assistance to you. Disclaimer: Please do not plug in half of an extension cord. Even though I know I’m saying the obvious and you’re smart enough to know better, I have to say this. That is something you will ABSOLUTELY NOT want to do! All right, the disclaimer has officially ended. ZING! About the Author: You can find true love with Internet Dating. There is a proper way to do this, and it can be learned. The Sexy Iguana can lead you to the love life you’ve been looking for. My online dating help will save you cash, assure you more success and give you plenty of tips, tricks, and techniques to have all of the most glamorous women at your side. You’ll find more information here: Article Published On: ..articlesnatch.. – Arts-and-Entertainment 相关的主题文章:

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