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The South’s strange transaction highlights the regulatory loopholes investors four days loss of 7 Sina fund exposure table: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Investors lose four days of large spot 7 investment into the South’s "strange" transaction highlights the regulatory loopholes after the rise of Chen Qile in 2010, and the last century, the mid 90s futures exchange in the country how similar blossom everywhere. Recently, a number of investors to "Chinese business daily" reporters reflect them in Nanning commodity Bats Exchange Inc (hereinafter referred to as the "South’s") to open accounts, asphalt, crude oil, YouBiKa commodity spot trading. Transactions using a centralized, continuous bidding, and never carried out physical delivery. These investors by huge losses in a short time in Inner Mongolia. After the incident, they had a delegation to Nanning for field rights, but suffered a huge resistance. In this regard, the legal profession told reporters, at least at the same time to obtain permits the exchange and trading variety approval to compliance management, including part of the spot trading platform providers located in the south often only permits, the variety of trade licenses incomplete. Experts in the field of futures and spot, said the domestic spot market to speculative trading based, contrary to the original intention to promote the development of the national economy. In the regulatory system, the Ministry of Commerce for local finance office has no jurisdiction, the lack of vertical management capabilities. Regulators should pay attention to. Compliance doubt investors Mr. Song told reporters that the end of July 2016, he and some friends through QQ acquainted with the latter, he recommended to the bulk of the spot transactions, and the promise of rewards. At that time, just a little money on hand, the heart." In August 1st, he officially opened a trading account in the south. In the process of opening an account, he did not meet with the clerk, only hand holding the camera to take pictures, and in accordance with the instructions of the other side of the account opening procedures. On the same day, he sent a total of 100 thousand yuan of remittances to the other designated bank accounts in the two installment. Bank water display, the money into the south bank opened in Everbright Bank account. "Now it’s a game." Mr. Song said. The salesman recommended to Mr. Song is 100 tons of asphalt". The first day of trading, according to the "teacher" proposal, Mr. Song is a small profit, about three thousand or four thousand yuan of income and profit 7000 yuan; second days, two days, his total profit of about 11 thousand yuan. But from the third day, his account is in a state of sustained loss. Within 4 days after opening an account, he is a loss of over $70 thousand. At that time, the clerk explained that there is a wave of adverse market impact, and also requested an additional song jin. Skeptical of Mr. song without additional capital, 100 thousand yuan of funds into the market ultimately only 3700 yuan. In accordance with the clerk said, 100 thousand yuan principal can be equipped with a minimum threshold instructor." Everything ready for Mr. Song account, the withdrawal of the remaining funds, but found that the account password has been modified in his dark. Contact with customer service through the operator, he re set theory相关的主题文章:

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