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Ten new students is the most difficult to learn these professional professional too socially accepted just entered the university most concerned must be professional, some professional and easy to learn, some professional learning difficulties, from a practical point of view, or the selected professional employment prospects for us to consider, today to learn science students the society is recognized as the most difficult to learn ten professional, hoping to help you choose a professional love. The following is the specific content for your reference. 1, training objectives of tea cultivation and tea processing: professional training to adapt to the needs of modern tea industry development, all-round development of morality, intelligence and physique etc., familiar with the tea production and processing, quality inspection, management and other professional basic theoretical knowledge, have tea garden planning and tea cultivation management, tea processing, tea review, tea marketing, entrepreneurial ability for modern tea production enterprises, high-quality skilled personnel engaged in tea production, processing, quality inspection, management and marketing of tea and tea culture and tea service and other work. Employment direction: graduates to tea technology promotion department or tea enterprises engaged in tea production, tea processing, tea tea, tea marketing inspection, quality supervision, business management, tea tea culture spread and tea service technology and management. 2, the spacecraft manufacturing technology training objectives: this profession is a national key disciplines, is the national defense construction, Shaanxi famous brand professional. For aviation, aerospace and other manufacturing areas, the development of advanced aviation manufacturing technology, computer technology and modern management technology of the compound talents. Students after graduation is mainly engaged in modern aircraft manufacturing, computer aided design and manufacturing (CAD CAM), advanced manufacturing, mold design and manufacturing, digital equipment manufacturing and other fields of research, production and management. Employment direction: graduates can apply for aerospace manufacturing engineering, materials processing engineering, mechanical manufacturing and automation, computer applications, such as professional direction of the master’s and doctoral students. The employment of the graduates can implement the two-way selection Research Institute in aerospace, mechanical design and manufacture, material processing and computer application fields (), large and medium-sized enterprises, joint ventures and institutions engaged in scientific research, design, production, technology and other aspects of the work of teaching management. 3, the world history of professional training objectives: the professional basic knowledge of Marx’s basic theory and system of the quality of the professional training and further develop the potential historical expertise, as well as state organs, education, news publishing, file and all kinds of institutions engaged in practical applications, the compound of senior specialized talent. Employment direction: World History graduates capable of teaching scientific research and management work in the history of the world education and scientific research departments, but also in government agencies at all levels, departments, public security, court, news publishing, customs, commodity inspection, insurance, banking and foreign enterprises and institutions and other departments, industry expertise, and administrative competence editor, secretary and foreign propaganda, cultural exchange, cultural and educational propaganda work; also for colleges and universities.相关的主题文章:

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