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The third quarter mobile phone shipments rankings: first HUAWEI Samsung in October 22nd third, the latest report of the global market research firm TrendForce released the official website of the show, continuation of the second quarter of the global smart mobile phone shipments gradually warmed trend, and China brand shipments continued high growth in 2016, the third quarter of the global smart mobile phone market to maintain strong growth momentum, the production quantity of about 350 million part of the growing season, up to 10.4%, a record high this year. The report shows that the third quarter of HUAWEI intelligent mobile phone production volume reached 32 million, quarter growth of about 10.3%, sit tight in the global third. Although the twin flagship model P9 in other China intelligent mobile phone brand from sales as expected, but the drive in the peak season demand, HUAWEI overall production number is still rising in the third quarter. TrendForce intelligent mobile phone analyst Wu Yating said that the third quarter China brand smart mobile phone production volume reached 168 million, 18% quarter growth continued to exceed the sum of the number of production, Samsung and Apple’s two brands, the global shipment growth engine has established role. Apple in the third quarter production amounted to 45 million, although the iPhone7 started small distribution, but still showed the 5.3% quarter decline, performance is not outstanding. The majority of Apple’s iPhone7 production concentrated in the fourth quarter of this year, TrendForce estimates the number of apple iPhone production in the fourth quarter will show a jump growth. Third quarter of Samsung smart phone production of about 78 million, a quarter of the growth of 1.3%. This year, Samsung smart mobile phone production volume can be maintained with high level last year similar, mainly due to the high cost of J (Junior) series of supporting delivery performance, high order Galaxy S7 S7 edge was also performed well. However, shortly after the release of the new flagship Note 7, due to the impact of the explosion accident shutdown, fear will affect the consumer’s brand image of Samsung mobile phone, the subsequent shipment performance is worth continuing observation.相关的主题文章:

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