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Tianfeng Metal Futures: before the bargain Qingcang test business agency 02 month 04 days [] market review February 4th Shanghai Gold main contract AU1606 closed up $2.8, or 1.16%, to close at 240.55 yuan, to 295142 hand positions to reduce the 268622 hand, the total transaction. Shanghai silver AG1606 main contract rose 47 yuan, or 1.41%, to close at 3387 yuan, holdings increased to 497696, the total transaction 737324. CU1604 under the copper contract closed up 810 yuan, or 2.27%, to close at 36500 yuan, holdings increased to 246020, the total transaction 218918. [market information] the United States, the American Association for supply management (ISM) announced that in January the non Manufacturing Purchasing Managers Index (PMI) was 53.5, the lowest in February 2014, and slightly lower than analysts expected 55.1. In December, the non manufacturing PMI index was 55.8. This shows a further weakening of US economic growth at the beginning of 2016. In other U.S. economic data, the United States in January MARKIT services PMI final value of 53.2, the initial value of 53.7. The final value was 54.3 in December. As a forward-looking indicator of non farm payrolls data, the ADP employment report suddenly cooled down and overshadowed the January non farm employment report released on Friday. Some analysts pointed out that the data show that the United States in January ADP employment increased by 205 thousand people. An increase of 193 thousand is expected, and the former is revised to increase by 267 thousand. Federal Reserve Market Committee is facing pressure in and has to be considered in March, said Dudley, chairman of the Federal Reserve three, and, the Federal Reserve Chairman, on the issue of the continued tension in the financial markets. This also led to a short-term decline in the dollar. In China, China’s new financial services PMI 52.4 in January, before the value of 50.2, hit a new high of 6 months; in January, Caixin consolidated PMI 50.1, the former value of 49.4. Crude oil, the dollar fell sharply, and Russia again put forward hope to talk with OPEC news, so that oil prices are supported. Precious metals, China Gold Association on Wednesday released data show that China’s gold production in 2015 first negative growth, and in 2015 China’s gold consumption to get rid of the doldrums, an increase of 3.66%, real gold investment inflection point. This Monday the global gold ETF inflows is 12.8 tons, since December 18th the largest single day inflows, the total holdings increased to 1529.1 tons. SPDR gold ETF holdings also increased to the highest level since 12 months. Basic metals, at the beginning of the February Spring Festival approaching the countdown, the copper industry chain will gradually open holiday mode. According to the SMM survey data show that in 2016 the copper terminal enterprises generally late holiday time, lower consumption is stronger than expected, including copper, copper wire and cable factory and factory because sufficient orders, coincides with the production season, holiday time is relatively late, and the relatively poor performance of copper industry, dismantling the operating rate of decline, down earlier. Operation theory

天风期货:金属节前逢低轻仓试多   生意社02月04日讯   【行情评述】   2月4日沪金主力合约AU1606收盘上涨2.8元,涨幅1.16%,报收于240.55元,持仓减少至295142手,交易总手268622手。沪银主力合约AG1606上涨47元,涨幅1.41%,报收于3387元,持仓增加至497696手,交易总手737324手。沪铜CU1604合约收盘下上涨810元,涨幅2.27%,报收于36500元,持仓增加至246020手,交易总手218918手。   【市场资讯】   美国方面,美国供应管理协会(ISM)公布,1月非制造业采购经理人指数(PMI)为53.5,为2014年2月来最低,且略低于分析师预期的55.1。12月非制造业PMI指数为55.8。这显现出了美国经济增长在2016年年初的进一步走弱。在其它美国经济数据中,美国1月MARKIT服务业PMI终值为53.2,初值为53.7。12月终值为54.3。而作为非农就业数据的前瞻指标,ADP就业报告骤然降温,为周五公布的1月非农就业报告蒙上一层阴影。有分析人士指出,数据显示,美国1月ADP就业人数增加20.5万人。预期增加19.3万人,前值修正为增加26.7万人。美联储三号人物、纽约联储主席杜德利周三讲话称,金融市场形势持续紧张令联邦公开市场委员会面临压力,3月或不得不加以考虑。这也引发美元短线下挫。   中国方面,中国1月财新服务业PMI 52.4,前值50.2,创6个月新高;1月财新综合PMI 50.1,前值49.4。   原油方面,美元大跌以及俄罗斯再次提出希望与OPEC会谈的消息令油价得到支撑。   贵金属方面,中国黄金协会周三公布的数据显示,中国2015年黄金产量首现负增长,且2015年中国黄金消费量摆脱低迷,同比增长3.66%,实金投资出现拐点。本周一全球黄金ETF流入了12.8吨,是12月18日以来最大单日流入量,总持有量增加到了1529.1吨。SPDR黄金ETF的持有量也增至12月中以来最高水平。   基本金属方面,2月初临近春节倒计时,铜产业链各企业将陆续开启放假模式。据SMM调研数据显示,2016年铜终端企业放假时间普遍较晚,下游消费稍强于预期,其中铜材、铜管厂及电线电缆厂因为订单充足,适逢生产旺季,放假时间相对较晚,而废铜行业表现相对较差,拆解场的开工率下滑,停工较早。   【操作建议】   美国各项数据不及预期,尤其是对本周非农数据的看低可能令美联储延缓加息节奏,贵金属的连续反弹也令投资者加大投入和持仓,提示盈利多单继续持有。有色金属行业逐步回暖,原油减产的消息再次出现,可能带动大宗商品的整体走势,节前谨慎轻仓参与反弹。   (文章来源:天风期货) 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章:

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