UBS Trading Strategy for Euro, yen and CHF 干申大那多

UBS: Euro, yen and Swiss Franc trading strategy FX168 news (UBS) Tuesday (February 23rd) provides Euro dollar, U.S. dollar, Japanese yen, U.S. dollar, Swiss franc, sterling dollar, Australian dollar and US dollar Canadian short term trading strategy analysis. Euro dollar: close to 1.095080 near the support, the previous 7 and 8 times supported by this uplink. The 100 day moving average is located at 1.0955, so the exchange rate is going to drop by 100, and we need to overcome many obstacles. We expect sellers to move their interest down, which is unlikely to rise above 1.1150 in the short term. USD yen: yesterday, the yen was facing downward pressure, but initially maintained a rally. However, the currency is now under pressure. Up to now, the trend is limited. The dollar, yen and euro yen are expected to rebound when the exchange rate is rebounding. U.S. dollar Franc: yesterday, a lot of selling pressure, so that the pressure on the currency. We tend to short the currency, especially when the current currency suffers a severe selling pressure. It is expected that the currency will continue to be traded within the range. GBPUSD: plunge some excessive, once the momentum dissipated, the pound will push back. We tend to go short, but at the same time try to short yen yen. Short selling near 0.782535 is recommended, and stop loss is above 0.7900. Australian Dollar: the trend looks constructive. Will insist on doing more of the currency, the short-term fulcrum is located at 0.718090, the target is located at 0.7380. USD Canadian Dollar: the exchange rate fell into the same period last week. The currency tested the lower end of the range, similar to other commodity currencies, but was particularly affected by the rebound in crude oil prices, and bottom was found before falling to 1.3660. It is expected that the currency will be within the range of shocks, the price will rise to 1.3800 when the price is short, stop at 1.3860; buy below 1.3660, buy stop, stop below 1.3600. At 3:55 in Beijing, the euro dollar was 1.1005, the dollar was 112.05, the dollar was 0.9924, the pound was 1.4018, the Australian dollar was 0.7215, and the dollar was 1.3757. Proof: Jun bin into [shares] on Sina Finance

瑞银集团:欧元日元瑞郎交易策略   FX168讯 瑞银集团(UBS)周二(2月23日)提供了欧元 美元、美元 日元、美元 瑞郎、英镑 美元、澳元 美元和美元 加元短线交易策略分析。   欧元 美元:接近1.0950 80附近支撑,之前7、8次受此支撑上行。100日均线位于1.0955,因此汇价要下跌100点还需要克服重重阻力。我们预计卖家将兴趣下移,短期内不太可能涨至1.1150上方。   美元 日元:昨天日元面临交叉向下压力,但起先维持涨势。不过,该货币对今日最终承压下行。目前上行趋势料受到限制。预计将逢汇价反弹时做空美元 日元和欧元 日元。   美元 瑞郎:昨日承受大量卖压,使得该货币对承压。我们倾向于做空该货币对,尤其是当前该货币承受严重卖压。预计该货币对将继续在区间内交投。   英镑 美元:急跌有些过度,一旦势头消退,英镑将奋力反击。我们倾向于逢高做空,但与此同时将试图做空日元 英镑。建议在0.7825 35附近做空,止损位位于0.7900上方。   澳元 美元:汇价走势看似具有建设性。将坚持做多该货币对,短期支点位于0.7180 90,目标位于0.7380。   美元 加元:汇价陷于上周同一区间内。该货币对测试了该区间的下端,汇价走势与其他商品货币类似,但受原油价格反弹影响尤其大,并在跌至1.3660之前寻得底部。预计该货币对将于区间内震荡,将逢汇价涨至1.3800时做空,止损位于1.3860;在1.3660下方逢低买入,止损位于1.3600下方。   北京时间3:55,欧元 美元报1.1005、美元 日元报112.05、美元 瑞郎报0.9924、英镑 美元报1.4018、澳元 美元报0.7215和美元 加元报1.3757。   校对:浚滨 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章:

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