US Air Force announces new generation stealth bomber official Code b-21 (Figure)

The United States Air Force announced a new stealth bomber official Code: B-21 (map) meeting site B-21 (LRS-B) official renderings according to defense news reported on February 26th, the day in the United States Air Force Association hosted the 2016 Annual Symposium on air war, the United States Air Force Secretary Deborah Lee & middot; · James officially announced the official name of the U.S. the next generation of strategic bomber LRS-B B-21. James also said the new bomber’s official nickname has not yet been determined, she called on the United States Air Force pilot suggestions.   strategic bomber has been one of the important pillars of the United States "three-in-one" nuclear capabilities. The U.S. air force is planning to modernise its nuclear strike means, which includes a new generation of strategic bombers – LRS-B. In October 27, 2015, The Pentagon announced Northrop Grumman · LRS-B won the project bid for Boeing and Loma to the U. S. government accountability office submitted a 133 page complaint, but the lawsuit dismissed the government of the United states. On the 26 day of the meeting, the United States Air Force Secretary Deborah · Li · James announced the official number: B-21 LRS-B. This name is given to LRS-B is the United States in twenty-first Century after the first bomber. According to tradition, B-21 will also identify an official nickname, which James suggested the United States Air Force pilots involved in the new name of the activities to consult the bomber. The meeting also announced the first official rendering of B-21 map. And after the news came, B-21 B-2 using a similar wing, but the shape of B-2 has been simplified. According to the US military combat scenario, B-21 performed in addition to conventional bombing and nuclear attack, but also responsible for reconnaissance and electronic warfare missions, plans to equip hundreds of aircraft. The United States Air Force Global Strike Command commander Robin · admiral Rand said, because in the foreseeable human resources and funding constraints, increasing the pilot and crew, maintenance personnel, additional logistics training would be "extremely difficult" for the bomber fleet, he is sceptical about whether B-21 can increase the bomber fleet combat. 美空军宣布新一代隐形轰炸机正式代号:B-21(图) 会议现场 B-21(LRS-B)的官方效果图   据防务新闻网2月26日报道,在美国空军协会当天主办的2016年度空中战争讨论会上,美国空军部长德博拉·李·詹姆斯正式公布了美军下一代战略轰炸机LRS-B的正式名称:B-21。詹姆斯同时表示新轰炸机的官方外号尚未确定,她呼吁美空军飞行员对此提出建议。    战略轰炸机一直是美国“三位一体”核打击能力的重要支柱之一。目前美国空军正计划对其核打击手段进行现代化改进,这其中包括新一代战略轰炸机——LRS-B。2015年10月27日,五角大楼宣布诺斯罗普·格鲁曼公司赢得了LRS-B项目竞标,为此波音和洛马还向美国政府责任办公室提交了133页的申诉,但这一诉讼遭到了美国政府的驳回。   在26日的会议上,美国空军部长德博拉·李·詹姆斯公布了LRS-B的正式编号:B-21。这一命名是考虑到LRS-B是美国进入21世纪后第一种轰炸机。按照传统,B-21还将确定一个官方外号,对此詹姆斯建议美空军飞行员参与到新轰炸机名字的征询活动之中来。   会议还首次公布了B-21的官方渲染效果图。与此前传出的消息一致,B-21采用了与B-2类似的飞翼布局,但外形比B-2有所简化。   按照美军的作战想定,B-21除了执行常规轰炸和核打击,还要担负侦察和电子战任务,计划装备上百架。对此美国空军全球打击司令部司令官罗宾·兰特上将称,因为在可预见的人力资源和拨款限制下,为轰炸机机队增加飞行员、机组人员、维护人员、额外的后勤保障训练将“极为困难”,他对于B-21能否增加轰炸机机队的战斗力表示怀疑。相关的主题文章:

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