Users exposed to the national version of Samsung Note7 explosion Samsung said it is investigating –

Users exposed country line version of the Samsung Note7 Samsung said it is investigating the explosion – Beijing Times News (reporter Gu Xiaoyu Shi Zhijun JINGWAH) Samsung Note7 "bombing" incident has not corpuscles. Yesterday, some netizens posted that they bought the national version of Note7 from Jingdong, battery explosion occurred, which is also the first edition of the national version of Note7 explosion accident. Netizen "Chihuahua Doll" you posted in Baidu Note7 post bar said, he purchased in the country Jingdong Samsung Note7 coral blue version of the battery explosion occurred in use. The user said that the phone was not charging, the use of the process suddenly black screen, and then the body appeared shaking, the phone was thrown to the side after the explosion. The user also announced Jingdong’s orders and electronic invoices online. The IMEI number from Samsung’s official website shows that the accidental damage insurance service started in September 3rd. In September 2nd, Samsung announced that it would recall 2 million 500 thousand Note7 mobile phones with battery security risks worldwide, but Samsung Note7, which faces Chinese mainland, does not have security problems due to the use of batteries from different suppliers, and is not in the recall range. In September 14th, Samsung in the National Quality Inspection Administration for the record, Note7 announced that some mobile phone manufacturing during the recall July 20, 2016 to August 5, 2016, the number of mainland Chinese affected mobile phone 1858, mainly from September 1, 2016 through Samsung’s official website before the official sales cover music world community channels provided by the TM mode test experience with the machine. At the time, Samsung said in a recall statement: "we reiterate that the GalaxyNote7 version of the, which has been sold on the Chinese market since September 1st, is not to be purchased and used because of the use of different battery suppliers instead of the replacement." From the photos released by the netizen, the Note7 production date is August this year, but there is no specific date, so it can not directly determine whether it belongs to one of the 1858 recalled. Samsung Electronics China told reporters that the event is to understand and investigate. Since the Internet users said that the purchase of mobile phones in Jingdong, Jingdong said yesterday, Jingdong has contacted the supplier for the first time. Judging from the IMEI number on the package, the mobile phone from the brand side Samsung (China) for Jingdong, at present, Samsung will take back the user mobile phone for testing and investigation. Jingdong will continue to communicate with Samsung (China), pay close attention to the progress of detection, and the first time to communicate with users and media.

网友曝国行版三星Note7爆炸 三星称正在调查-中新网   京华时报讯(记者古晓宇施志军)三星Note7“炸机”事件仍未消停。昨天,有网友发帖称自己从京东购买的国行版Note7出现了电池爆炸事故,这也是国行版Note7首次传出爆炸事故。   网友“吉娃娃你”在百度Note7贴吧发帖称,他在京东购买的国行三星Note7珊瑚蓝版在使用时发生电池爆炸事故。该用户称当时手机并未在充电,使用过程中突然黑屏,然后机身出现晃动,手机被丢到一边后发生爆炸。该用户还在网上公布了京东的订单和电子发票,从三星官网查询IMEI号码可知,该机的意外损坏保险服务开始时间为9月3日。   9月2日,三星宣布,将在全球召回250万部存在电池安全隐患的Note7手机,不过面向中国大陆的三星Note7由于使用了不同供应商的电池,所以不存在安全问题,不在召回范围内。9月14日,三星在国家质检总局备案,宣布召回2016年7月20日至2016年8月5日期间制造的部分Note7手机,中国大陆地区受影响的手机数量为1858部,主要来源于2016年9月1日正式销售前通过三星官网盖乐世社区等渠道,通过以旧换新等方式提供的测试体验用机。当时三星曾在召回声明中称:“我们再次重申,自9月1日起在中国市场发售的GalaxyNote7国行版本,由于采用了不同的电池供应商,而不在此次更换范畴,可放心购买及使用。”   从该网友公布的照片看,这部Note7生产日期为今年8月,但没有具体日期,因此无法直接判断是否属于被召回的1858部之一。三星电子中国方面对记者表示,正在对此事件进行了解和调查。   由于上述网友称手机购于京东,京东昨天回复称,京东已第一时间联系了供应商。从包装上的IMEI号判断,手机由品牌方三星(中国)直供京东,目前,三星将取回用户手机进行检测调查。京东会持续保持与三星(中国)的沟通,密切关注检测进展并第一时间与用户及媒体沟通。相关的主题文章:

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