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UnCategorized If you own a website, you are probably well aware that you need a steady supply of content in order to keep the Google gods and powers that be at other search engines happy. Most of us do not like the idea of constantly writing new content to add to our websites and many website owners who are just starting out, simply can’t afford to pay someone to write the content for them. So what’s a new or struggling website owner to do? There are several options that are equally unappealing but there are some creative options that you may have overlooked or simply never considered. One such option is adding product data feeds to your website as content. It’s so simple when you think of it and yet it is not all that common. Product data feeds offer two services for your website. First of all they are constantly changing and updating so there is a steady supply of new information and content for your website. Second these feeds are already optimized. That is a big bonus for those of us who know little about the way the big search engine honchos think. Especially since they change their mind more often even than women claim a right to do. These are also affiliate feeds. Which means if someone buys a product from the link on your web site you make a commission on the sale. These free product data feeds can be downloaded from affiliate networks such as or While in the past, using product data feeds with software was a somewhat frustrating undertaking; there is now software available that can make the process far less painful. In fact, if you aren’t a proficient computer programmer I highly recommend (for the sake of any hair you may have left) that you do not try to design your own web site by using a product data feed. If you find a good software program that will do this for you it is worth the investment. Whether adding product data feeds to your website as content is something you’ve considered before or it’s a completely new and alien idea, perhaps you should look into the possibilities for your website. It’s definitely better than trying to squeeze new and creative words onto the page at 3 am and cheaper than paying a steady stream of content writers (the good writers at any rate) to do it for you. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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