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Health Baby oil has uses that you cannot possibly imagine! Normally, we consider baby oil indispensable for body massage purposes. No doubt, baby oil works great for baby massage before and after bath. Its equally effective for adult skin, keeping smooth and beautiful as ever. But youll be amazed at the versatile other uses of baby oil. It is used for cleaning, lubricating, softening, smoothing and various other purposes. Read below for useful tips of baby oil: One of the best uses of baby oil is for removing makeup, dirt and grime. Soak cotton in little baby oil and wipe all traces of makeup in swift, soft strokes. Your skin will be squeaky clean and glowing in no time at all, not to forget the sweet natural scent that it leaves behind. Baby oil is wonderful for removing eye makeup perfectly without harming eyes in any way. Also, for getting rid of suntans, baby oil is perfect! Baby oil works great for smoothing lips and restoring natural lip color. If you are worried about darkened lips, this could be your best bet. You can also mix in few drops of pure almond oil. Massage a little of this oil in your lips and leave on overnight. Apply for few days and see the difference! Use a pure and natural baby oil like that of Sweet Bum Bum Naturals which is made from a blend of the purest organic products. This chemical and artificial ingredient-free formula is an essential part of your and your childs daily skincare regime. Organic baby oil unlike the easily available .mercial ones is very safe and gentle on your babys sensitive skin. It very difficult to clean up paint from face or skin with ordinary cleansers. The same goes with temporary tattoos. But with organic baby oils, your job gets easier than ever. Apply little baby oil and the paint or tattoo will .e right off. Thereafter, clean up with paper towel for clean skin like before! During cold wintry weather, when your skin needs warmth, baby oil can give you that much needed .fort and care. Massage your body with a little organic baby massage oil which will help defend you against cold bites and dry skin. It works as a great natural moisturizer for your chapped and dry skin. If you arent able to manage squeaky or hard door or window hinges, baby oil can .e to your rescue. Spray in baby oil in hinges for a smoother operation. Removing bubble gum sticky marks can be a problem sometimes. Pour few drops of baby oil in a tissue or paper towel and rub directly on the area. It will be clean within a second! Baby oil as after shave skin softener, stretch marks remover and stress reliever works great too! Its very effective in cleaning home furniture as well as removing stickers from glass items. Sticky zippers also work fine with little baby oil. Hence, these unique and bunch of wonderful things to do with baby oil are sure to make your life a lot easier! Now a days , new aged pediatricians never re.mends anything other than truly pure baby skin care products. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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