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Business The Cessna 310 is one of the first aircraft produced after the World War II. It is a low-winged monoplane manufactured by Cessna, an American airplane manufacturer known for building small, piston-powered airplanes. They have been in the industry since 1927. The Cessna 310 is the first twin-engine aircraft produced by the .pany. Cessna 310 took its first flight in January 3, 1953 and by the following year, Cessna had started to deliver aircraft units to its buyers. Cessna 310s design is very sleek, plus it has innovative features during that time like engine exhaust thrust augmentor tubes and having fuel tanks at the tip of the plane. The 1956 model of Cessna 310 is powered by two Continental O-470-B piston engines, each having a 240 horsepower. The 310 can reach a maximum speed of 220 mph and has a rate of climb of 8.6 miles per second. The Cessna 310 is such a popular aircraft that through the years it had gone through various modifications to keep up with the demand. The first models produced were the 310A military plane and the 310B offered for the civilian market. In 1959, Cessna came up with 310C, this model had a more powerful engine and increased take-off weight among other changes. The Cessna 310D had a swept vertical tail. With 310F, Cessna added another cabin window on each side with a more pointed nose and a new tip tank shape. Cessna 310 model variation continued until the production of 310R. Each variation offers an improvement on the aircrafts design and features to improve flight efficiency. Cessna 310 is .monly used as a charter aircraft. .pared to its contemporaries like the Piper PA-23, the 310 is faster and more cost-efficient. It can take off and land in short runways and carry a load of more than 2,000 pounds at high speed. After a year of using the Cessna 310, a military report said that operating the aircraft only costs less than $12 per hour. The Cessna 310 is a fascinating part of aviation history. The improvement on each Cessna 310 variation is a reflection of the aviation technology of its time. Furthermore, even with all the changes, Cessna 310 never lost its sleek and beautiful design. Warplanes has faithfully captured the sleek design of Cessna 310 in its airplane replicas. Have Cessna 310 scale model at your desk to enjoy its elegant beauty every day. Warplanes is a leading manufacturer of scale aircraft models and desk model planes. They produce museum-quality model airplanes that perfectly represent the real-life aircraft. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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