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WeChat withdrawals charges cited hot number of banks push online transfer free packages Beijing daily news (reporter Meng Fanxia) WeChat withdrawals from March charges triggered a heated discussion in the market. In the traditional financial field, the elder brother holds the banner of free transfer of mobile banking. Beijing Business Daily reporter yesterday from the industrial and Commercial Bank of China was informed that the line will be formally launched in February 22nd mobile phone transfer free policy. ICBC’s free strategy is just right after WeChat charges cash. According to reports, regardless of the user for which App mobile phone (including mobile phone bank, ICBC, ICBC financial e e campus), no matter what kind of medium holding ICBC (including debit cards, credit cards, financial card, wealth account etc.), no matter how much the bank remittance amount (mobile phone bank U Shield Trading the single limit of up to 1 million yuan, up), all can apply for free of charge. Prior to this, the bank mobile phone bank executive is 80 percent off preferential rates. Coincidentally, yesterday, Everbright Bank WeChat public number "E Road Sunshine" also pushed a content, promote the bank’s free policy of mobile banking. In fact, the rise of the third party payment has a lot to do with the free strategy. Credit card repayment, transfer and remittance free concessions have attracted many customers in the past few years. Analysts believe that the bank to take free strategy, not only can bring the user back to the bank to transfer money, accurate understanding of the trend of funds, will also have to free transfer for the sign of the third party payment impact. With the transformation of the banking business, banks are more emphasis on the comprehensive income of customers, through the transfer of free attract customers, will produce revenue on other businesses. Since last year, many banks have played the free card of mobile banking. For example, China Merchants Bank and Shanghai Bank launched the free online banking and mobile banking transfer fee free measures, Zhejiang bank since December 5th last year for personal customers settlement electronic channels all free. CITIC Bank cancelled the transfer fee of personal online banking since December last year. Jiangsu bank since October 11th of last year, online transfer fee free. In addition, Ping An Bank and Bohai bank have also implemented the policy of free transfer of mobile phone banking fees. Construction Bank of China Beijing branch in January 1, 2016 -12 31 on individual customers through mobile phone bank for RMB city transfer, offsite transfer, ordinary cross line transfer (without urgent inter bank transfer), free transfer fee. Analysts said that in the past few years, the construction of commercial banks to increase electronic banking, mobile phone banking experience, products rich degree has improved significantly, but this time WeChat began to receive cash withdrawal fees, may lead to some customers to reduce WeChat change storage, return to the banking system. Enter Sina Financial shares] discussion

微信提现收费引热议 多家银行推线上转账免费套餐   北京商报讯(记者 孟凡霞)微信提现3月起收费的消息引发市场热烈讨论。而传统金融领域老大哥则纷纷高举手机银行转账免费的大旗。北京商报记者昨日从工商银行获悉,该行将于2月22日正式推出手机转账汇款全免费的政策。   工行的免费策略推出时点恰好在微信提现收费之后。根据介绍,无论用户使用工行的哪个手机App(包括手机银行、工银融e联、工银e校园等),无论持有工行的何种介质(包括借记卡、信用卡、理财金卡、财富账户等),无论汇款多少金额(该行手机银行U盾的交易限额单笔可达100万元,还可申请上调),一概免收手续费。   而此前,该行手机银行执行的是2折优惠费率。无独有偶,昨日,光大银行微信公众号“E路阳光”也推送了一篇内容,宣传该行手机银行的免费政策。   事实上,第三方支付的兴起与免费策略大有关系,信用卡还款、转账汇款免费的优惠在前些年拉拢了众多客户。分析人士认为,银行采取免费策略不仅能将用户带回银行端进行转账汇款,准确了解资金动向,还将对一直以免费转账为招牌的第三方支付带来冲击。随着银行业务的转型,银行更多是看重客户的综合收益,通过转账免费吸引来的客户,将在其他业务上产生收益。   自去年以来,已经有不少银行打起了手机银行免费牌。例如,招商银行、上海银行启动了个人网银及手机银行转账手续费全免的措施,浙商银行自去年12月5日起对个人客户结算电子渠道全免费。中信银行从去年12月起取消个人网银境内转账手续费。   江苏银行自去年10月11日起,网上转账手续费全免。此外,平安银行、渤海银行也实施了手机银行转账手续费全免政策。而建设银行北京市分行2016年1月1日-12月31日对个人客户通过手机银行办理人民币同城转账、异地转账、普通跨行转账(不含加急跨行转账)免收转账手续费。   分析人士表示,过去几年,商业银行加大电子银行建设,手机银行体验度、产品丰富程度已经明显提升,而此时微信开始收取提现手续费,可能会导致部分客户减少微信的零钱存放,回归银行体系。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章:

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