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Careers-Employment Nursing is the nation’s top health care profession. There are 2.7 million registered nurses in the United States, over 4 times the number of physicians. Employment outlook for nurses continues to be favorable though 2012 thanks to the aging baby boomer population. If you are thinking of a career in nursing, here are some facts for you to consider: Employment for registered nurses is forecast to grow faster than any other occupation through 2012 according to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics. Nursing students make up over half of all healthcare students .bined. Most healthcare involves some form of interaction by nurses. Approximately 60% of nurses are employed in hospitals, others work in a wide varity of settings such as private physician practices, public health clinics, home health care, surgical centers, HMOs, nursing homes, mental health centers, hospices, the military, the legal profession, and industry. Others have careers as university educators or private practices. The role of the nurse can range from direct patient care to case management, overseeing quality assurance procedures, and legal or insurance management. Nursing also offers the opportunity for specialization in such fields as cardiac care, pediatrics, and geriatrics. In addition, nurses can go on to be.e certified midwives, nurse anesthetists, and other advanced specialties. Registered nurses are required to receive a four year BS degree, a two year AS degree, or a 3 year hospital sponsored diploma program. In order to be.e eligible for employment, nurses are required to .plete a state licensing exam. Registered nurses are in high demand and nursing is a profession to be proud of as you are helping people improve the quality of life. Pay for registered nurses varies according to location and specialty but is considered to be above average. If you are interested in a nursing career, meet with the entrance officer at you local college for more information. You might also consider volunteering at a hospital or working as a certified nursing assistant to get more exposure to the profession. While many of the classes nurses are required to take are directly nursing related, ancillary classes such as chemistry, physics, and anatomy and physiology are also required. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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