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Software Email users may have received a confusing message in their inbox from a mysterious address called MAILER-DAEMON. The email that comes from the mailer-daemon return address is sent because of a failure in the original message sent by the user. Support team of Totlestempo.de presented by Ascentive that offers easy to use software feels the necessity to educate the normal user community on mailer-daemon. Specifically, the mailer-daemon is software stored in email servers that automatically delivers messages. The software goes through all email sent throughout the internet. Users are not contacted by the mailer-daemon software if there are no problems with any messages. The mailer-daemon informs senders of a failure in an email message result of a problem with the email address typed into the "to" section, such as a misspelling or a mistake or a server problem with the email account. Totalestempo finds that a message from mailer-daemon software may be an important sign that the recipients computer has been infected by malware that is using it as a launch point for spam email messages. A common reason for the mailer-daemon message is the account that sent the message has been blacklisted by the receiving company. The mailer-daemon sets up the blacklist from email accounts that have sent an alarming amount of spam messages. Because certain types of malware infect computers and automatically send spam messages from users’ email addresses, an email account could be sending bulk messages without its registered account owner knowing about them. Totalestempo support team helps millions of email users who regularly receive messages from mailer-daemon software from multiple sources may be infected by malware. Certain worms and viruses infect computers and copy their victims’ email account information, using them later as sending addresses for spam attacks. As the account information is copied, and the spam messages are sent from a remote location, based on the experience of several years Totalestempo finds that that users may have a difficult time locating the virus and finding out their email address was used to send bulk messages. To determine why they are receiving constant mailer-daemon messages, Totalestempo encourages users should run a scan of their computer for malware. Regular computer scans using the product of Totalestempo or similar can be important to detecting malware some users may not know about. Locating and removing a virus through a computer scan like the product of Totalestempo can eliminate mailer-daemon messages, as the software that was sending spam from the user’s email account is removed altogether. Also, installing a protective software that you can find at Totalestempo site (http://www.totalestempo.de) or similar to prevent malware infections can eliminate the threat of malicious software from affecting users’ email accounts. Totalestempo recommends that while the first steps to solving the mailer-daemon issue should be to check the accuracy of the recipient and server of sent email messages, scanning for malware could be a solution to prevent regular mailer-daemon messages. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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