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Home-Improvement As the marketing coordinator at American Way Moving PA, a Lansdale, Pennsylvania, .pany offering customers packing services, storage facilities, and the best team of movers in town, Bobby Hughes says that anyone moving from the Pennsylvania area to someplace warmer should think long and hard about what he needs to pack and transport prior to his moving date. If youve just grown tired of spending winter after winter and are longing for the warmth of a more temperate season, then remember that moving from a cooler climate to one that is warmer takes a fair amount of planning and preparation. Unlike local moves, interstate moves are usually charged by the pound, not by the hour. This means that the more items you decide to bring to your new home, the more your move is going to cost. For this reason, its a good idea to take inventory in your current home and consider leaving behind those items that you may not need once youre in a place where the weather is consistently mild. Here are some types of items that you should sell, donate to charity, or give to a family member or friend: Winter Attire: Lets start with your winter attire. From coats to sweaters to accessories, your closet is probably full of items designed to keep your body nice and cozy during those cold weather months. While you may not want to simply rid yourself of every winter item in your collection, you probably also dont need to bring everything you have to your soon-to-be warm weather paradise. Bedding: The same concept applies to bedding. Your down .forter may serve you well during the long Pennsylvania winters, but will you really need numerous heavy blankets in a place like Florida? Chances are, all youll need is a lightweight or mid-weight blanket at most. Before you head south, consider cutting your bedding collection down to size. Outdoor Equipment: Some other areas of your home to evaluate thoroughly before packing for your move to a warmer climate are your garage, tool shed, and basement, as these places are probably where you tend to store much of your outdoor equipment. Before you start working on your final packing list, consider giving away items such as snow shovels, your snow blower, and any other similar devices you used to rely on for digging out your driveway on far too many occasions. Even though you may .e back to the area during the winter at some point, the chances of you needing to actively participate in a snow-removal session are relatively slim. Unnecessary Items: One final thing to consider when moving to a warmer climate is that if you are downsizing (which is the case for many retirees in particular), then you probably wont have as much storage space in your new abode as you do in your current one. By eliminating some of your soon-to-be unnecessary belongings before you move, youll be making the act of unpacking and settling in much simpler on a whole. Packing up your current home is only part of the process when it .es to moving to a place that has warm weather all year round. You also need to evaluate your inventory to figure out if you have the right sorts of things to ac.modate a warmer climate. Do you have enough beach attire? And what about lightweight bedding? Of course, you dont necessarily have to go out and purchase everything you need in your new home while youre still living up North. In fact, youre better off waiting until you get to your new place of residence to purchase such items, as if you do so before you move, then youll only end up paying extra to have your recently acquired belongings transported across state lines. Still, the process of settling in will be.e much easier if you show up to your new home feeling fully prepared. For a homeowner, moving across state lines can be quite challenging, and its natural to get stressed out along the way. By leaving yourself enough time to find the right interstate movers, get .anized, and pack up your belongings, youll make the process considerably easier. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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