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When the man was trapped in the mountains to help find the fire in the mountains and sent to the mountain – the day before yesterday, a man trapped in the valley of Miyun valley when playing, after the alarm off the phone lost contact. Miyun fire emergency rescue team dispatched, the man was found in the hillside of the Bush, but fortunately only nervous exhaustion no other matter, more than 3 hours after the trapped man was transferred down. According to the police station and scenic staff, trapped as a man, around 4 pm to enter the scenic play, the phone has been shut down after the alarm lost contact. Miyun Creek Weng Zhuang fire squadron 18:49 after receiving the police quickly rushed to the incident. With the police and the local guide search and rescue teams into the mountains in the rain. Mountain road slippery narrow and steep, coupled with the rain so that the road becomes muddy, seriously affecting the speed of the search and rescue team, and at any time the risk of sliding down the cliff, delayed the rescue process. Fire officers and soldiers walking and shouting, and with a flashlight shaking to the trapped man signal. More than 1 hours later, the man was found, but fortunately, in addition to the spirit of some nervous and physical overdraft, and no injuries. Fire officers and soldiers to the trapped man hit the safety knot slowly, after more than 3 hours of unremitting efforts, the security will be sent to the mountain. (reporter Zhang Jingshu)相关的主题文章:

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