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Finance The belief that one has to file for personal bankruptcy brings sickness to one’s stomach. It is not pleasant knowing that you had incurred so much debt over the years and now you are unable to pay back the creditors. It is crucial to realize what had caused you to seek for personal bankruptcy, and here is a summary of some of the usual causes: Medical bills account for most of your outstanding debt It is never a pleasant thing if you have to see the doctors. But if you have grave medical issues and you are forced to see a slew of doctors and hence your total medical bills start to accumulate. Even if the insurance covered most of the expenses, there are inevitably some out of pocket expenses. The beauty of filing personal bankruptcy is that no matter if you have $1,000 or $100,000 in medical expenses, these medical bills will be forgiven after your bankruptcy case has been discharged. You have incurred too much credit card debt When the economy was prospering, pretty much everybody has a number of credit cards that he or she can use for all the purchases, whether they are essential expenses or not. A lot of people, when using credit cards to purchase things, never thought about how they will be paying back the credit cards for the purchases made. As the saying goes "it all adds up", if you buy many small purchases, they all ultimately add up to a big credit card balance. Consumers might initially carry $100s in balance, but over time this balance can add up. It is quite easy to lose track of your credit card expenses, and therefore only be able to pay the minimum due when it is time to pay back the credit card .panies. Ultimately some of these people ended up filing for personal bankruptcy because they merely have no means to pay back the credit card .panies. You have purchased a home you cannot afford In the 2000s, home ownership was highly promoted as a means to establish riches and save money. This statement is only true if you buy a home that you can afford and not overpay for it. But many people were duped by the unscrupulous mortgage lending practice of "zero interest" or "1 percent interest". Since the entire mortgage terms are buried in a mountain of paperwork, a lot of homeowners do not bother to read every little fact. Major fact such as the interest rate resets after x number of years can be a game changer in terms of the affordability of the home. The homeowners eventually find themselves financially strapped when the mortgage interest resets to its normal level because they have to pay a much bigger monthly mortgage payment. As many months and years go by, these homeowners dip deeper and deeper into debt, hence some of them resort to filing for personal bankruptcy protection. At this point, whether you have to file for bankruptcy because of the medical bills, or your ever-increasing credit card debt, it is all but a moot point. Once you have started the petition to file for bankruptcy protection, you will be given immediate legal relief so that none of the debtors can harass you for payment of the debt. And when your bankruptcy case is dismissed by the court system, you will have wiped away all your debt and be financially stable once again. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:

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