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Why Mongolia soldiers wearing silk underwear: reduce arrow injury – Anhui Channel – people.com.cn original title: why Mongolia soldiers wearing silk underwear: reduce arrow damage before mankind entered the age of sail, a whirlwind swept from the grasslands of Mongolia, the old. Mongolia Empire shocking human occupation then known as 2/3 of the world, just because of the internal Khan competition, coupled with the European cold abject poverty, which makes it from destruction. The victory of the Mongolia empire is a combination of technical superiority, general talent, brave soldiers, material conditions and other factors, in addition, the treatment of the regime’s enlightened attitude, but also to minimize resistance. In Europe, the Mongols only suffered a defeat, the Mongols will be a large number of slaves to Egypt, they formed Mamluk mercenaries, and defeated the opponent with Mongolian tactics. Because of emotional reasons, the Chinese people on the one hand, the achievements of the Mongolia Empire, on the other hand, little attention to its details. Without judgment, lack of position is only for pure knowledge in reading or writing, and "Oriental storm" in detail elaborated the Mongolia Empire expedition history, and complex place names and personal names to make it easier to deal with simple, readable and interesting. In order to further understand this interesting book, "the Academy of classical learning," Li Ming, who invited the book to the readers. Why did the soldiers in Mongolia wear silk underwear I have translated a number of papers, but did not translate the popular science books. Give the book to me, I will finish the translation of a chapter, that it should be translated, very well written, sentence fluency, content is also very interesting. The author of this book is BBC’s screenwriter, wrote a lot of details we do not quite understand, for example, each Mongolia soldiers have a silk underwear, why? Because of his arrows, take cut a knife wound, will cause more damage, while wearing silk underwear, an arrow into the body, it will put the thread around the arrow shot together, as long as you can put the silk gently twitching, arrow out, reduce damage. Why did the Mongolia army fight like the Mongolia army? This is related to their daily attention to hunting, Gen Gi Khan attaches great importance to hunting, as a required course to train soldiers. What is the book used a long space in terms of Mongolian hunting for their war, the yuan has been very important for hunting, until the Qing Dynasty, much attention is paid to go to Mulan Wei Chang for their hunting, fighting, hunting is a similar exercises. The hunters will be lined up in long lines, they can see the beast all rushed to the front, the snake will run 1000 kilometers, may be longer. To a place where they feel fit, on both sides of the fence, put all the prey in the inside, this process can not hurt the prey, but can not let it run away. Enclosed after everyone in pick a prey, kill it, like a challenge, some people will kill the melee. Develop a generation of heroes hunting hunting is very good grassland management ability training, to mobilize a lot of people, the collective cooperation to do one thing, from the beginning of the layout and planning, including the division of labor discipline, to product)相关的主题文章:

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