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A Wuhan District broke into 200 Jin heavy boar, police opened 8 guns to kill the wild boar killed. The police for the newspaper news (reporter Zhang Quanlu Yang Yu intern correspondent Song Mengxian Wan Xinli) yesterday morning, a weighing about 200 pounds of wild boar in Zhuankou Oriental Garden District, the district a gate crashed after the defeat, rampage in the area. After the alarm, property, public security, community residents in cooperation, took more than 3 hours will be a wild boar killed, auxiliary police and property management personnel were injured in wild boar. Around 5:50 yesterday, Zhuankou Oriental Garden District A District, A District door guards on duty heard there came a tremendous crash, security following the sound came, that the impact is a strong iron boar. The heavy iron gate has been knocked down, and the metal parts on the iron gate are falling to the ground. Many residents rushed downstairs and were shocked by the scene at the moment. Security immediately evacuated the crowd and dialed 110. May see a crowd of people, the boar ran away, and soon disappeared. Dun Yang police station after 5 minutes to arrive at the scene, searching everywhere, until 7 in the morning, still do not see traces of wild boar. Police temporarily withdraw, told the property personnel once found again, immediately alarm. 8:30, continue to search in the area of property workers in the district C District, once again meet with wild boar. Immediately notify the staff near the building residents, do not go down. The police rushed to, but with the large size of wild boar, did not fear. It was in the area of about. Property, police, community three party staff in the district with several strong residents of the coordination, the formation of wild boar surrounded the circle, followed by boar footsteps containment. Green Property Management Office Oriental Garden District Manager Chen said that the circle is the first layer, and a layer of peripheral staff responsible for notifying owners not to close, and one by one storied building, from door to door to inform residents, avoid to stay at home. Where does the boar go, and the ring tracks where it goes. While the encirclement, the property staff a few young and strong and police trying to consume wild boar strength, and tried to shoot for driving it into the corner. More than two hours, wild boar attacks the police, a police in a containment process, wild boar top fly, fell on the ground, the back of the head with the ground, bleeding, was rushed to the hospital. Around 11 a.m., the wild boar was confined to a narrow corner between 70 buildings and 71 buildings. The gun, a gun in the wild boar, but because the thick skin, did not cause fatal injuries, but in the enraged crowd once again crashed into the containment, property management staff Zhang Lianyao was a wild boar head, head, bleeding. The police seized the opportunity, fired 7 shots, police finally fell to the ground after the wild boar, holding iron bars and other tools to be killed. Yesterday, the Development Zone Public Security Bureau staff said, injury Auxiliary Police injury is not heavy. In the whole process, in addition to property staff help catch the pig outside, causing no people were injured. A sanitation worker near the road cleaning, at four or five in the morning, saw the wild boar in the Metro Line 3 Dongfeng station near the station around, but ran away..

武汉一小区闯入200斤重野猪 民警开8枪将其击毙 被击毙的野猪。警方供图   本报讯(记者张全录 杨蔚 实习生宋梦贤 通讯员万信立)昨天凌晨,一头重约200斤的野猪闯入沌口东方花园小区,将小区一处铁门撞垮后,在小区内横冲直撞。接警后,物业、公安、社区在居民配合下,耗时3个多小时,终将野猪击毙,一名辅警和一名物管人员被野猪撞伤。   昨天凌晨5点50分左右,沌口东方花园小区A区,值班保安听到A区后门传来巨大的撞击声,保安循声赶来,发现撞击铁门的是一头健硕的野猪。厚实的铁门已经被撞倒,铁门上的金属部件碎落一地。不少居民赶到楼下,被眼前的一幕惊呆了。保安立即疏散围观人群,拨打了110。   可能看到有人围观,野猪拔腿就跑,不一会儿就不见了踪影。沌阳派出所民警接警后5分钟到达现场,四处搜寻,直到上午7点,仍不见野猪踪影。民警暂时撤回,叮嘱物业人员一旦再次发现,立即报警。   上午8点30分,继续在小区内搜寻的物业工作人员在小区C区,再次与野猪相遇。工作人员立即通知附近楼栋的居民,不要下楼。   民警闻讯赶来,但野猪凭借壮硕的体型,丝毫不惧怕。它在小区内四处奔窜。物业、民警、社区三方工作人员在小区几名健壮居民的配合下,对野猪形成包围圈,跟随着野猪的脚步围堵。   绿岛物业东方花园小区管理处陈经理说,包围圈是第一层,外围还有一层工作人员负责通知业主们不要靠近,并挨个楼栋,挨家挨户通知居民,留在家中躲避。   野猪跑到哪里,包围圈就跟踪到哪里。而包围圈内,几名年轻力壮的物业工作人员和民警在设法消耗野猪体力,并试图将它驱赶到适合开枪的角落里。   两个多小时的时间里,野猪几次袭击民警,一名协警在一次围堵过程中,被野猪顶飞,重重地摔在地上,后脑勺着地,血流不止,被送往医院。上午约11点,野猪被围困到了70栋与71栋间的一处狭窄角落。枪响了,野猪中了一枪,但因为皮厚,未造成致命伤,反而在被激怒后再次向围堵的人群撞来,物业管理人员张连尧被野猪一头顶起,头着地,也流血了。民警抓住时机,连开7枪,野猪终于倒地,之后民警持铁棍等工具上前,将其击毙。   昨天,开发区公安分局工作人员表示,受伤辅警伤情不重。在整个处理过程中,除了一名协助抓猪的物业工作人员外,没有造成群众受伤。   附近道路清扫的一名环卫工介绍,凌晨四五点钟时,曾看到这头野猪在地铁3号线东风公司站出站口附近晃悠,可一转眼就跑了。绿岛物业陈经理说,小区周边并没有荒山野地,出现野猪实属罕见,非常感谢警方为民除害。   野猪是否系人工养殖?事后,武汉经济开发区警方张贴公告,希望野猪主人能前来说明情况,但一直无人回应。相关的主题文章:

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