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Yu Hai: sorry no confidence in Hong Kong to get the rest of the League [collection] Shi Ke Oolong red Lv Wenjun Hong Kong five ball fiasco out missed the semi-finals Yu Hai on September 13th (North Tencent sports game paper Li Xu) the end of the second round for the final 1/4 AFC Champions League, the Hong Kong Shanghai road 0 to 5 (the first leg 0 0) against Jeonbuk missed 4. Yu Hai admitted that the team in the 0 to 2 behind and put a man down out of the way, "but then regret is useless, we need to do now is to regain confidence, get the rest of the League once again made AFC Champions League qualification." After the mixed interview area, the Hong Kong players look very dignified. Yu Hai walked in the back of the team, the left foot tied thick bag. "Hurt, okay?" Haiyao on his head, "no big problem. There are a lot of things that professional players have to experience and endure." Tencent Sports: after the game 0 to 2, followed by the penalty of a person, is not a psychological collapse? Yu Hai: how to say, after the penalty of a person, it really has a great impact on us. On the field less a person, the other side is the two ball lead more play more confident. In the final stage, we did not really. Tencent Sports: after losing the ball, the players on the field of communication? Yu Hai: we still encourage each other. 0 compared to the 1 and the ratio of 0 behind the time, we still have a chance, but after the penalty of a person, the mentality has changed in the face of the. This may be related to the lack of experience in the team, after all, this is the first time the team played such a level of competition. Behind the score and the next one, all the bad things have appeared at the same time, we are not psychologically ready. The Hong Kong Sports Tencent: a total of 3 internationals the world cup list, you and Wu Lei in the physical energy above is not affected by the relatively large? Yu Hai: physical fitness is certainly a huge challenge, but as a professional player, it is necessary to actively face and adapt, especially for a few lines of combat teams need to deal with this situation. AFC Champions League out is already an established fact, Yu Hai said: "no regret is useless, the most important is the next you regain confidence and get the rest of the league." Coach Erickson also encourage players to start from the same Greentown League weekend, play every game the rest of the season, and strive to continue to appear in the game AFC Champions League.相关的主题文章:

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